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  1. Honey

    Show me your vise

    Not sure what the brand says, I think it says "Trade Perfect Mary" or "trade Perfect Navy"? its 30kg+ so 66.1lbs. Would love to know more about it. It opens and closes no trouble.
  2. Honey

    old vise

    I cant seem to edit previous post, I've just managed to get it open for pictures. It works super smooth despite all the gunk and dirt. Anyone recognise this brand? Also think this will be fine after a good clean? I see no cracks, just some wear.
  3. Honey

    old vise

    Hmmm... I cant lift the bag off of it. I cant pick this thing up. Its certainly 30kg or more I think. Took some pictures of the brand, hopefully that helps in getting more info about it. Wasn't expecting it today, the seller appeared at my door driving his work vehicle haha. Loads of passengers in the short bus he was driving. video_2019-07-13_12-16-07.mp4
  4. Honey

    old vise

    I'll have the other information Monday sometime between 3-4pm GMT when its delivered. So i'll update then with the rest of this info. I did get him to give me the rough weight when we spoke today, and its apparently 30 kg which is 66.1 lbs? Not sure if that's a small in Vise terms but should be fun project to restore. As far as i'm aware though it works, from the pictures though. It definitely could use a nice clean. Yeah I believe it to be a machinist bench vise as well, sort of happenstance I came across a bench anvil which will be perfect to sort of make up for the fact as hitting things on this particular vise is not advised. The anvil right next to it will make up for that I think. Will update this with brands/ measurements/ marks and a full video when I get it this Monday at around 3-4 pm GMT. Should be fun project. From that estimate of weight though, that is 2x heavier than the larger anvil in the backyard and around 8x heavier than the small bench anvil that will be sitting next to it haha.
  5. Honey

    Show me your vise

    Not sure on what brand just yet, perhaps itll say on the side when its delivered. Got it for £20 locally. Was this a good price?
  6. Thanks! Just popped it in a vinegar bath, hopefully some makers marks reveal themselves in 12 hours.
  7. Honey

    old vise

    Found this vise locally, reckon it was a good find for £20? Going to give it a good clean.
  8. Thanks! I'll pop it on the bench next to this. Should be an alright pairing for a bench. As this vise isn't one to be hammering away on as its not a blacksmiths vise. I got them both locally, The anvil I got for £20 and the Vise I got for £20.
  9. Here is a sound sample of what sound it makes when lightly tapped with a hammer. Just letting it freefall from about an inch onto it as someone requested I hit it with a hammer. video_2019-07-11_14-44-41.mp4
  10. Here you go. Curious what would it have been made to be used for? Also what sort of process was used to make it? What type of material? video_2019-07-11_14-44-41.mp4
  11. Not sure on what type of anvil this is, but its really cute! Found it for £20 not far from me. What do you guys reckon its purpose was? It has two pritchel holes but very small for a farrier anvil isn't it? Its got a lovely ring when you tap it. video_2019-07-10_10-05-00.mp4 video_2019-07-10_10-05-06.mp4
  12. Try these https://ibb.co/HdtbDX6 https://ibb.co/Lp5z8jg https://ibb.co/fSw7DQD https://ibb.co/G0TvS3b https://ibb.co/yR967Hx https://ibb.co/GvcJH6L https://ibb.co/XWr34hh https://ibb.co/dMvQ6Kz https://ibb.co/Jk3BymT
  13. Would love to know what brand this is, and to know how best to restore it.
  14. Just under 8 inches long 7.8 inches or so. What can you guys tell me about it? xx Found it locally, its extremely cute. Thanks! video_2019-07-10_10-05-00.mp4 video_2019-07-10_10-05-06.mp4