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  1. Thanks, some others said that name too. Curious, do they have a makers mark? Also where would they put it on something such as this?
  2. Honey

    Beautiful Vise

    found this little cutie quite locally. Looks like its never been used. Curious, what sort of brand would we be looking at and where on the vise would the logo / makers makr be located should there still be one? Tempted to leave it in same condition, and make a set of leather jaw caps for delicate work or perhaps magnetic soft caps for delicate work. Love the tiny anvil on the back too. Not even a scratch on that! Very strange but very welcome
  3. Buddy of mine found this outside his door a few days ago. He lives in France. I immediately thought it was some sort of Hardy tool, so he said I could have it. I posted some pictures round and aside from the dirty jokes surrounding its shape and possible unintended uses from the manufacturer some have said this is a Stake /tinsmith Anvil/ flattener. Its 5kg. Not sure on the brand but it seems very ornately shaped. I'm curious as to where a makers mark would be on here should there be one. Or if it can be identified without need of cleaning it up based on its shape. What do y
  4. Honey

    Old Legvise ID

    Found a name! Or some letters atleast. This is on the top/ side of the screwbox. Anyone know what it says?
  5. Honey

    DIY post vise.

    Good luck my friend I wish you success! Should this not work on first attempt I hope you learn the skills to succeed on the second attempt. Its all trial an error anyway. Make sure to write down what your doing and how your doing just incase you wanna repeat that in the next build or perhaps avoid that route. Always handy to keep a journal in anything you do
  6. Honey

    Old Legvise ID

    Ah thanks! Hmm Yeah i'm lookin for some sort of sign on it. Cant see anything just yet. along the main leg I saw a strange giant oval shape which I thought could be the outline of a makers mark but it wasnt symetrical at all. Found it in Warrington England, so I'd assume its some English make as there are quite a few makers here. The legs have the edges filed down as a form of decoration, there are some shoulders just before this starts too which are purely decorative. Also the entire vise used to be a dark red, probably quite a long time ago as the paint is under the
  7. Honey

    Show me your vise

    Wrought iron Peter wright I thinks. 4 inch jaws, 40 inches tall 44.5 lbs If you look close between the patina it used to be painted dark red. I believe its missing the decorative ball on the screwbox. Screw in brand new sort of condition. No wear at all, each burr is sharp, not one single part of the burs dull or rounded. No signs of any repair ever having been done to this vise. Cant see light through the jaws either, Holds paper just fine without slipping at all. Got it for £39 locally I bought it thinkin i'd have a fun project to repair but theres nothing at al
  8. Honey

    Old Legvise ID

    Here is condition of screw. Looks like the entire thing was sent out of factory and never used?? I see no wear at all on the edges of the screw Nor any dull spots or missing chunks or chips or cracks or any sign of welding anywhere on the entire thing. Very odd. The jaws are 4inch exactly, the length is 40 inches tall and its about 44.5lbs so roughly 21kg What do you guys think ? Is this a Peter Wright or somthin else?
  9. Honey

    Old Legvise ID

    Hey there Thomas, in that last picture where its in the house is the screw box right? In the original pictures I thought it was off too, so I spun it round until it sat in there nice. Hmm just spoke with the BF who will be using this, he said he will have an indoor forge starting next march hopefully. So looks like itll be living indoors. I have the rust converter on hand, reckon I should leave it and just use boiled linseed oil? Thanks! I'm happy its a good one. Not sure on the make yet but I see no signs at all this was ever repaired via welding or any of the
  10. Honey

    Old Legvise ID

    opens and closes no trouble. Can hold a piece of paper without it sliding out. Light isn't shining through the teeth either. All lines up even. Very very happy with it. Tempted to leave it in same condition? Originally was gunna brush off what I could then use that rust converter but now i'm not sure. Do you guys reckon this could use some rust converter?
  11. Honey

    Old Legvise ID

    Ah thanks ! Will keep that in mind for future. I'll be picking it up sometime soon, haven't touched it in person yet. Screw looks nice and clean which is lucky. I assume because it is so clean, that the vise and free of rust is because was in a closed position, which would mean the vise opens and closes as its open here on the picture. Atleast thats my first guessing. Thanks for all the info xx <3 Very excited about this find. I'll update this space when I get it in the house and i'll let you know how well it opens / closes.
  12. Honey

    Old Legvise ID

    Just bought this beautiful for £39, How did I do? Also what sort of brand you think it is? Also wrought or cast? Found it locally.
  13. Honey

    Show me your vise

    Not sure what the brand says, I think it says "Trade Perfect Mary" or "trade Perfect Navy"? its 30kg+ so 66.1lbs. Would love to know more about it. It opens and closes no trouble.
  14. Honey

    old vise

    I cant seem to edit previous post, I've just managed to get it open for pictures. It works super smooth despite all the gunk and dirt. Anyone recognise this brand? Also think this will be fine after a good clean? I see no cracks, just some wear.
  15. Honey

    old vise

    Hmmm... I cant lift the bag off of it. I cant pick this thing up. Its certainly 30kg or more I think. Took some pictures of the brand, hopefully that helps in getting more info about it. Wasn't expecting it today, the seller appeared at my door driving his work vehicle haha. Loads of passengers in the short bus he was driving. video_2019-07-13_12-16-07.mp4
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