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  1. hawk18

    3 faced hammer

    Is that Thibeau handle wedge intentionally "s" shaped?
  2. hawk18

    It followed me home

    Just got this from the local "Restore" . Came out of their shop but the kid said they never used it. Lots cheaper than buying the materials and subjecting them to my welding. Top is 5/16 " plate and it's good and solid. Nice welding/assembly cart. Hawk
  3. hawk18

    Anvil Stand, maybe

    If we're talking about the wood pictured, and if you use it with the larger end down for stability, your anvil base will hang over at the corners. If you can go back and get a piece with a larger diameter, it might work even better. Hawk
  4. hawk18

    Show me your anvil stands

    Yup. Fat fingers for sure. Also meant the cable is too long. And, if you're bothered by my typing skills, don't look too close at my welding. Hawk
  5. hawk18

    Show me your anvil stands

    There's a 1/4" rubber casket under the anvil. I wish I had square tubing but the 2" X 1/4" angle iron was all I had. It probably would have been quieter if I could have packed the legs with sand. It's not too bad with the rubber and the magnet. Those darn bicycle lock people made that cable about 6 or 8" too short. I may have to use a piece of chain. Hawk
  6. hawk18

    Show me your anvil stands

    Just finished this for my new anvil. I like it so far.
  7. hawk18

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Actually, it took three days, including paint. All made with scrap on hand. Eight hammer loops, two tong bars, holes at the corners for pivoting trays (or cans) and the bottom tray for bracing. I already like it better than my other anvil that's on a stump, when using it on concrete. I'll put it in the anvil stand thread also. Hawk
  8. hawk18

    It followed me home

    Under the heading of "Patience" A few months ago, I was at a garage sale that had three pairs of old tongs for sale. They were very rough but the seller explained that they were collectors items and wanted $30 a pair. I respectfully declined. Fast forward to today and these were available. Much more reasonable.
  9. Nice openers. Could you please explain the one with the three buttons/rivets? Are they, in fact, rivets? I like the seahorse too. Hawk
  10. hawk18

    Post vise stand

    What's the base for your stand? It looks like a fairly short radius which would reduce the torque you can apply to the jaws. Also, instead of flat stock, consider chain. This is my "portable" stand back when I made it. The chain idea was stolen and works great to keep tools confined and is easy to sweep of scale or other dirt off. I'd give the guy credit for the idea, if I could remember where I stole it from. Hawk
  11. hawk18

    It followed me home

    A little late, but good. Garage sale finds. Bosch 4" grinder, cut devil hot set, 1.8 lb hammer (pitted but good face) 10-11 oz Craftsman pocket axe. Original 10" handle and better than half original paint. The grinder is great, even if I didn't need nother one. The hot set is a duplicate. The hammer is nice, even if the face is too flat. And, I love the little axe. Can't imagine what it would be good for, but, now I got one. Hawk
  12. hawk18

    It followed me home

    Christmas in July I posted the anvil I bought, which I thought was a nice present to me, but Friday I stopped at the local Habitat for Humanity Re-store and this was disassembled and wrapped up in plastic. For CHEAP! No names or identifying marks so maybe homemade. Unwrapped it and found a thermocouple and gauge inside it. The thermocouple works but I don't know how accurate it is. I can't get the photo of the single burner gas forge to load. I'll try again. Hawk
  13. hawk18

    It followed me home

    Been on vacation for a week and couldn't wait to get home to pick this up. She's a beaut. She's 118# with plenty of rebound
  14. hawk18

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Not Blacksmithing, but related. Could have put it in the "It followed Me Home" thread. I picked up a four pound single jack head for a dollar and didn't need it sooooo, I remembered someone posting a pic of a cats head hammer awhile back. I googled a good image of one and, using it for measurements, I chopped up the four pound head into a rough shape. (I annealed it first and test hardened a scrap to find out if it might work.). Ground it to shape and re-hardened it in water. Tempered it, polished it up and hafted it. The head is a little too short and the handle is a little too fat but it feels, hits and sounds like a hammer.