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  1. Thank you all for your thoughts and insight. I will be flying up to WA, in the morning to see her as the situation has turned south. She is being released from the hospital for hospice with medication to keep her comfortable while she finishes her time here. We will be taking her to her mothers house where it is peaceful, beautiful gardens, and all her family and friends will be able to visit.
  2. Pnut, thank you for your kind words. Your thoughts are identical to mine and I just wanted some input from an outside view. This has been very hard for all of us and I am thankful for my sobriety every day.
  3. A.R.


    As a beekeeper myself that is a great find and an easy collection. We always need bees.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a situation that I don’t know where to ask so I am turning to every group that I am a part of. My mother has serious rectal cancer that has spread to her kidneys, liver, and lungs. She has recently had surgery for a colostomy and has been re admitted to the hospital for dehydration and now a bladder infection and has been there for about 10 days. I am a realist an know what what is eventually going to happen so I have been in constant communication and will be taking FMLA starting next week for as long as it takes. My brother and I have been visiting as often
  5. Hi guys looking for some input. I know as soon as someone says it I’m going to have a “doh” moment but I’m lost right now. No marking whatsoever inside outside and upside down.
  6. Frosty, I haven’t thought to check if it’s still magnetic but the digging bar held washers up for 5 days. I will go check. We made a video of it for her school and I thought of this after the fact but it is what it is and I had fun. and my daughter thinks I’m a nerd but of course my dad jokes are next level funny. Still magnetic, file just barely hanging on.
  7. Completely agree with the eye protection comments, cheap insurance. That being said, good on you for introducing a healthy hobby in him. And he stole my haircut.
  8. Lol, took my chains off to do this. We will see if it gets in the way but looks neat for now. The horn wraps were just for good measure and have to go though.
  9. Didn’t do any forging today but made this with my daughter. She was having trouble coming up a with a science experiment so we made a few electromagnets. We made one from a digging bar with 20 wraps of copper and another from a crowbar with 60 wraps and a heavy duty battery charger. We went through different settings 2,10,20 amps etc and SHE noticed the magnet was stronger on the end where the bar was thicker. Being a Lineman I somewhat expected this result. Well we submitted her project and I’m not one to leave well enough alone and knew we could do better. This was Saturday and just today I
  10. Too bad the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend just happened. My vote is for Rat Rod.
  11. Here is the marker at Joe Beatty’s place out here, he died 6 or 7 years ago and I got the anvil from a friend of his. I don’t know how long he had it but I think it was a good long while. If you look close you can see his name stamped in the side.
  12. If you want full stock lengths Curtis steel or P&S metals might have it.
  13. Wow Frosty that is a neat story and I knew you would be along sooner or later as I have been lurching here for quite some time now. This old girl has been around since 1925 or 26, not sure since both dates are stamped in her. It was owned by a gentleman who is somewhat of a local legend out it my tiny town that stamped his name it also. Clark county has a historical marker at his place now an I’ll be sure to take a picture of it and post it here. And now the story of how she came to me. I have been taking the same route to work for the past 11 years and never really looked at this o
  14. These are my 4 legged family members. Dudley my lab whom I found at work abandoned as a puppy in August in the desert, I simply refused to leave him there-and he rode home in my work truck that day. Maestro the Aussie who is our 150 mph gate keeper and chicken protector. Groot is what we call our love chug. He’s a chihuahua pug mix that loves him some lap time. And then there’s the sheep and goats, Bill and Ted, Shaun, Mowgley, Splash and Ellie. Upon request I will name all the bees but it might exceed posting rules.
  15. Here my new (to me) anvil. It’s a 146 pound Soderfors Paragon in what I believe to be in pristine condition. I have not done the ball bearing test yet but it has outstanding rebound based on a missed hammer blow. Oops, no damage though this thing is hard. I just got set up a couple weeks ago and made a few tools, have a lot to learn but this is great and I am excited to learn from everyone here. Regards Andy P.S. If the photos are too large I apologize, first time posting photos and with a smarterthanme phone.
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