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  1. The box was a manger from the barn (28x28 inches), I used 2x4 to make the bottom. A 1 inch O.D. pipe for the tuyere, a slab of stone on the bottom with the two firebricks to make the back wall of the firepot. I filled the corners of the box with lava rock in hopes that I could shave some weight from it and keep it mobile. I'm sure it helped but it's still hefty! There was some coal in the basement, probably 50 pounds total, I used maybe 5 or 6. A bit of cardboard and paper some sticks, and used my compressor to push air. Once the fire was going good I added the coal. Had to play with the air flow, but it made 1/4 inch metal glow and I got to practice straightening/bending a little! Thanks JHCC for the advice about the lava rock! And thanks to all the people who have posted their designs, diagrams, thoughts, and their problems. Those who posted their problems kept me from the same! Please feel free to correct any issues you see!
  2. 1) Marshall 2) Southern Illinois 3) We'll know soon, but I have a fixation with swords knives axes etc... 4) I always wanted to try smithing and now am in a position to do so. 5) My first anvils will be rr track, I have 3 pieces of different sizes. 6) Making a JABOD when I finish this! 7) You guys...well, you're about to... 8) Have always wanted to smith, but looking at a project and thinking that if only I could make a custom piece to connect this to that, or how nice it would look with this or that. 9) Actually having a shop! 10) More toward people who haven't started: Do so! 11) Share that knowledge! I know some won't listen, but I will! 12) The sun is almost up, so it's time to find out what interesting things happen when you smith!
  3. My name is Marshall, I am very new to smithing, so new I haven't made a forge yet! It's my turn with my grandfather's farm, or what's left of it, and now that I have made it usable again (far from finished but usable) I want to begin metal working. I am fascinated by steel and always wanted to try my hand at smithing. The sun is almost up and I am about to make a JABOD, because if I make a giant stone forge right off the bat you guys will yell at me! Lol!