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  1. Not a bad thought. Maybe if I do a subcritical quench followed by a spheroidial cycle the Bluetooth won't suffer micro fissures. Thanks!
  2. Would it make a difference, PaperPatched, if the Bluetooth frequencies were in a different range? I know that would have to be an industry wide agreement to deal with said issue. Also, I reckon, this kind of problem is so limited as to not pose a concern for any of the manufacturers. Thanks!
  3. So, if working with power tools, there will always be interference if using a Bluetooth/wireless headset. I can always go back to the wired headset albeit a pain in the neck. Thanks.
  4. The angle grinder in brand new. The 2 x 36 is also new (1 yr but has seen only limited use until now).
  5. I often have my Bluetooth headset (JBL Everest 100s) on under my ear muffs while I'm working in the shop. While forging, there is no issue. When I am grinding (2 x 36 or angle grinder), I experience stuttering until the machine is powered off. Has anyone experienced this or found a solution?
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