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    Question about HT with a pipe

    I'm facing a similar quandary right now with my small single burner gas forge. the blade that I need to HT is about 6" longer than my forge not counting the tang. I was thinking about using a square tube with firebrick around it stuck through the forge to try and get an much even heat.
  2. Mike Thurston

    What did you do in the shop today?

    My current WIP for a customer at my day job that gives me what ever drops and end cuts I want from his scrap pile. Last work was Sunday. Made some mokume gane for fittings and did the rough grind and profile work.
  3. Mike Thurston

    First try at a bearded axe

    So since it was resurrected rather than welding in a high carbon bit would there be a drawback to making the entire head from 5160?
  4. Mike Thurston

    Drill bit lubricant

    I use 2-stroke oil and water mixed 1:1 in an old ketchup squeeze bottle.
  5. Zip wheel on a die grinder with a sacrificial mandrel. Usually if I have somebody that requests square in a rush I'll use lock washers.
  6. We do the same thing in making bulk rings for chainmaille work. Just on a much smaller scale. 1/8" square stock is heated and hand wrapped round stock and wire and spun using an old electricians hole hawg drill.
  7. Mike Thurston

    Supplier list

    https://www.hightemptools.com/steel.html is who I buy most of my steel from. Free shipping on orders over $100 and a great selection.
  8. Mike Thurston

    Hello All

    Looks like in the most recent newbie around here. I renewed "the" bug last year after growing up on a ranch in Northern Idaho watching my grandad and the hands forge what was needed. My first memory was a VERY poignant lesson when my great uncle found me beating on the anvil with a hammer. After I picked myself up we fired the forge up and I hit my first piece of hot steel. I've got a single burner Mathewson and a 80lb NC. Still trying to figure out how to safely forge in my garage as my driveway has a pretty good slope so I can't just pull everything in and out.
  9. Mike Thurston

    New Vices

    So I picked up these two vices a couple weeks ago. The Smaller is a 4 1/2 Columbian. The larger with the horribly repaired backwards spring I cannot seem to identify. Any help would be greatly appreciated...