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  1. Lol i agree on that last statement as it goes for anything in the world and hey can i have a link to the thread your talking about
  2. I just wanted to know what thickness steel other people are using for there damascus? i have 1/8 th inch thick 1080 steel and .049 thick 15n20. Its all i could find online every were was just about sold out of the thicker 15n20. Is the .049 thick enough or should i double it up so its almost as thick as my 1080 stock and how would a thinner stock like .049 15n20 look like
  3. Its more of a hobby for me if someone would actually want one and want to pay then id make one for them but until the its just a hobby...lol i cant ever find a knife to buy in stores that i actually like so why not make one lol. All the replies did help #mike thurston + Thank you that was the kind of reply i was looking for.
  4. I was a tually trying to find a new quench tank my self and realized i had some empty map gas/ propane cans laying around i plan to cut them apart and .weld them together to make a quench tank of course they would only be wide enough for knifes
  5. How much would you pay for this knife i have carried it for a while and friends and family ask me how much for a knife like that and i do not know what to give them for a price...i do not want to over price it nor under price my work so can anyone help oh and its 1095 steel with kirinite scales and that is the only pic i have of it new
  6. I plan to buy a 100lb tank at my local tractor suply in newyork i believe they even fill them there so i will ask about regulations there im sure they would know as far as my areas transportation rules... And as far as fuel consumption im sure ill go through alot while im learning
  7. Well if its for a shop i would asume so im just working out of my garage as a hobby and 100lb would last me quite a while and i drive a f150 so transport would be fine for me
  8. It came with everything you need all you have to do is apply the supplyed rigidizer attach the hose to both the burner and regulator with the supplyed hose clamps and the regulator does come with the adaptor i didnt have to buy anything it even came with a paint brush to apply the rigidizer... I would recomend putting some petroleum jelly or somekind of lube on the burner pipe that the hose connects to too help it slide on easy...its a very tite fit Maxwellb, I would recomend getting a tank larger then 20lbs it lost power after continued use. When i started it back up the next day it was
  9. I actually typed in the mpa into google and it gave me a conversion for megapascal to psi... Wich my .1 mpa is about 14 psi. Oh and frosty I cast a shadow in western new york...you guys have been extremely helpfull Lol little of topic but did anyone notice the truck photo bombing
  10. Its definatly a good forge that wasnt even at full power...The help is greatly appreciated i will try what you said to do and i will post again with my results. im already enjoying the forging process verry much being that im already a knife maker. starting forging is opening my skill set to more levels...one last quesion on the regulator that i have what are the units its reading and
  11. Im wondering if its just the design of the forge because no matter what i change ie the presure or air flow the flames still come out at different intensity... And sorry if you cant see the flames. A night time picture would show them better
  12. I swapped the tank out for a new one right before i lit the forge i had flames comming out from from the tank being new all the way till no more pressure coming out...ill post a few pictures when im home tomorrow.
  13. Im at work right now i will post some picks when i get home hopefully i have enough gas to light it lol 20lb tank didnt last verry long it was pretty powerfull for alittle while and then seemed to die out
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