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  1. Close inspection i see a J and L and hundred weight numbers 2 - 0 - ?
  2. I gave the anvil a good steel brushing with the grinder. This is how it looks now. I revealed what i thing is a letter “i” and a number 1 and a 2, i do not understand the hundred weight scale i think is displaying, any one have any hint on this? Regarding the image?
  3. Thanks for all the feedback and insight to everyone as always great news! got is for 60 dollars rings like a bell and rebound as is, with rough surface appears to be at the least 65/70 percent.
  4. It has great rebound, id say it weights maybe 180, and im pushing to get it, found it in a house i was working, and its owner is a friend of the house which stored it there. So im waiting on this mystery owner to visit its friend and i might get to offer then.
  5. Reviving old post! Its alive! i found another anvil, this one with a functional hardy and pritchel, my other anvil lost its tail to previous owner and even though they tried repairing it, its not quite the same, because has no real hardy or pritchel, and the tail is completely dead, any ways i might get this one soon, still trying to negotiate. Any ideas on who the maker is? i though it might be french.
  6. Sounds like something i wouldn't know anything about, but nonetheless interesting. Very nice. Thomas. Same here with other woods, ive seen people salvaging wood lately, i actually took a few pieces of a mango tree that fell close by and one is my anvil stand, the other my forge stand and another is my wood chopping block and hand sawing block. JHCC
  7. True Thomas, but at this moment, im not precisely with abundance to fill my cars gas tank and go around sadly, im in ecomode hehe. Not really making money at the moment, im really putting my resources in either getting a good paying reliable job and healthcare. Ive had a little trouble with my health lately. So im trying not to spread myself too thin, at least for the time being until my situation normalizes a bit. There is equipment around that i would take for my litttle shop if i could, but i can't make proper offers for people to let things go. I did not know you knew some Spanish, awesome btw. What are you doing in Mexico?!
  8. Well the owner of the food truck decided to move the restaurant to a building nearby, and is working with a generator. i worked a couple of days, still not working much really. Probing the new site to see how the new place behaves and if it gets clients like the old location. 70 percent of the island is still without power, and the 30 percent that has, is not reliable and that's a rough estimate, comes and goes, where i live, at my grandmas home haven't seen electricity in over a month, my mother is in the 30 percent, so comes and goes there. There's areas really affected by the storm, ones more than others. Less than 2 weeks ago my friends were still opening roads to people still trapped in the homes up in the mountains, there's roads and bridges collapsed in areas where the sea or rivers where close. I've had bad stomachache for the last 3 weeks until 3 days ago, probably because of water not being treated correctly. To he honest ive seen more help coming from between ourselves more than anything else. From the "outside" Situation is tough, im getting by better than most, because i have lots of family near me so i have resources. But there's a lot a people going thru almost survival situation. But im making little to no money at the moment. So im looking for better job opportunities. It was a very powerful storm. Id say it damaged 3 out 5 of every light poles in the island in some way at the very least. Maybe half thrown to the ground. On a side note im trying to gather blacksmithing equipment and knowledge from around, blacksmithing on the island is not sometheing you see really, so mostly is things people have hoarded from a long time ago. I wanna make a little money from the trade. i dont mind the questions, hope i answered sufficiently clear, english is not my first language. I lived in a friend's wooden house up in the mountains in Cidra for a couple of years, and left 3 years ago. That house is destroyed. And that's the situation some people are living. My home is basically unscathed, but houses of concrete not made well constructed or wooden homes are trashed, all around the island. And areas with tendencies to flood saw the most damage of all in my opinion. peace.
  9. Hoping not to be the only person working metal in my island hometown.
  10. I'll gonna go get busy, thanks for the feedback, i hope i have something decent to show soon.
  11. I was hoping to make tools for my neighbors and such, but this craft is more an art that i though in the beginning, is gonna take a lot of practice to refine the skill to actually be useful, still, I've never been more interested in anything before this, if i can make it work as small business i think this will make me happy till im old hehe.
  12. Yes i think too, should with something easier, also from the same find i got, old, german made wrenches din 895, dowidat and gedore. Black oxide finish. And about 15 hex wrenches, big enough for a knive, at least in steel quantity Im gonna get experimental i might get lucky with trial and error. Thanks for the advice both thomas and charles, yeah i got to keep my chin up and positive attitude. Sorry for the delayed reaponse, internet is bad.
  13. I live in Puerto Rico, so i've been getting the pseudo shop set with everything that doesn't run on electricity, we had a pesky hurricane, about 3 weeks ago and power is not gonna be working probably for a couple of months more. So no spark test for this guy hehe. I have 3 hammers, some huge cluncky tongs, an anvil, and a charcoal forge, plus a retort for charcoal making. That's the content of my "shop" but im happy I got the blades from a closed small printing business owned by a friend, not the polar company sadly, they may have been available to identify the steel for me. My internet from my phone is spotty at best atm. So every chance i get i do some research. Or post like now i have some free (like a lot) time now because the hurricane destroyed the food truck i worked at, im a cook as my paying job.
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