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  1. Neil any power hammers I've seen in Saskatchewan are usually old and wore out, plus people think they are worth way too much! if you know where I should be looking then please enlighten me.. i understand how different metals move, l am a City &Guilds journeyman from England with a lot of years experience behind me. i am also fifty years old and want a machine to do must of the grunt work before I finish it on the anvil by hand
  2. Thanks guys i think I'm going to build a Kinyon style hammer, in fact I may build two and sell one to cover my costs
  3. Charlotte I do hope to blade smith eventually, why would this make a difference?
  4. I hope to one use it to make money as a secondary income
  5. rusty, tire or Kinyon ? i am a journeyman fabricator/welder of 30 + years experience and have a desire to now start blacksmithing. So my question is, what would you build for a hammer and why ? Thanks
  6. Thanks. i figured as much , so it might be a little hard on the cylinder seals and thus the life of the expensive cylinder.
  7. rusty has a leaf spring, tire hammer has a coil spring, what handles the rebound on an air hammer ?
  8. Looks like you did well. So what did the trip hammer and swags block go for?
  9. Hi Mat, first of all, I believe fork tines are HIGH carbon steel so some thought should go into what rod you use to weld your top plate to the middle upright section. your other pieces of material are most likely low carbon steel. I would bevel the upright section on both sides at the top and bottom. I suggest you ask a local welding supply shop for the right rods, also they will be able to tell you how much to pre-heat/post-heat and whether you will need to wrap the weldment to slow the cooling and prevent cracking. With the bevels and the size of materials this welding job will be time consuming so taking it to a pro might cost quite a bit. There's no reason why a novice couldn't weld this, you just have to have the right procedure, enough time and enough rods. Goatee
  10. Hi Dave and welcome to IFI. My history is almost the same as yours only I spent my time in Inspection over here in Canada where I have lived for the past 7 years. Your find tons of information on here and great helpful people too Goatee
  11. Beautiful, outstanding work. :) Goatee
  12. Hi there, SAFETY First, I believe that propane tanks have a check valve built in! So you may think it's empty by leaving it open, when in fact there could still be a small amount of gas left inside. I suggest going to your local steel shop and buying a piece of 18 inch diameter pipe instead. goatee
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