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  1. masonred

    It followed me home

    Junk store find also got a 4 lb cross pein. Didn't know what it was so looked up hammers here and found a ship or top maul, nice place to learn. maul.docx
  2. masonred

    Beginner anvil question

    Stash, correct the 2-3 inch wide by 10 inches square, not the stricker version. I'm using a small piece of RR track so this type would weigh more and hopefully be within my starting budget. I don't plan to make sword or other large items, just hooks, leaves, crosses and hooks etc. All with smaller than 3/8 or or perhaps 1/2 material.
  3. I have seen a brian Brazeal anvil (the rectangle type with different surfaces on a thin edge) on the internet. Can these be found and what might the cost be of new or used? Making one would be relatively straight forward or would it? What type of steel is used for those?
  4. I was recently having trouble keeping a fire going. As a rookie I assumed it was poor fire building or management nope the, the tyre had clogged up with small pieces and dust. Simple solution to knock out but caused frustration for several attempts. A little oil on newspaper will help start a fire, started doing this for charcoal in a chimney.
  5. Nice! I'm also starting making knives, its fun and frustrating for me.
  6. masonred

    Ornate iron blocks

    My thought was chocolate molds, seen some similar ones in an old bakery as a display.
  7. masonred

    Chipped piece off of Axe

    Help! What is the Tolkien reference?
  8. I've watched farriers many years and even did it a little myself. This is a natural step toward blacksmithing and i finally decided to give it a try. I got a small RR track from a mine or amusement park type setup. Also some refractory pieces and ordered some furnace cement. Hope to have everything in place before the end of the month, and start making hinges, handles arrow heads (medieval points) and yes even a knife. This place has lots of information and should really help. I live near lockhart its 30 miles or so from Austin. Thanks Masonred
  9. I need to make a draw knife, and yours looked good, until oh bother.