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  1. Picked this up at a used book store. Anyone used this book? Why did 2 pics load and why does it reappear after I delete 1? It was downloaded twice...
  2. Nice find! I've never seen a wrought iron horseshoe to know it it was.
  3. I tried the can this morning and it worked as I had hoped. Thanks again for input.
  4. masonred

    hammer ID

    I I can't find any info on this hammer. It's a 2 lb sledge with the only these markings, just interested in maker, quality and age if possible. The shield is nearly complete just very vague near the bottom and not sure what letter or emblem is in the middle.
  5. Found this morning hammer has no dings on face looks unused.
  6. Thanks for replies. I have bending forks make from 1/2 round stock that do a great job, but for repeated use a jig will be faster and more uniform. I've got wood patterns that are 20 + years old and might only get occasional use but are so nice when ask to make another rocking horse, stool or steps etc... I'm building up my selection of tools and supplies for forging. I like the saying "it's the carpenter not the tools" however the appropriate tool is helpful.
  7. Would filling a can with concrete work for a form to bend 1/4 round rods? Possible putting in a piece of steel to hold in a vise. I plan to make some beverage stake holders and possible to hold candles. I've looked for pipe with no luck and don't want to spend money on something to be used half a dozen times, I have some ready mix left over from building fence so no cost there.
  8. NICE! I like the profile and want to see it with the oak attached, good job.
  9. Never mind gremlins gone I gave the parts another blast of PB then light lube, assembled as I remembered and wear marks looks aligned. Tried by hand and it worked, put into frame, belt on and all good. Doesn't seem like a little extra cleaning would matter. Go figure!
  10. I'm new to blacksmithing and never worked on a blower. If the description is vague or wrong terms used its the best I can do. I did search for diagrams or pictures with no luck. I have a lever operated blower rivet forge. It was locking up but would work fine after the big wheel was rotated a little. Thinking it needed cleaning and to inspect internal parts I disassembled. Cleaned and put together then the problem. When the lever is pushed down the wheel doesn't spin but does when the lever goes down ( has to be hand pushed) so I reversed the 3 pieces inside with the same result. The only thing I think that could be put together wrong is the 3 pieces pictured. Any help is appreciated, I've got lots of good information and read some humorous post here. Let me know what if any specific pictures would help.
  11. NIce work. What did you do to the 3rd knife handle, dyed or what to bone? I'm working on some similar styled knives, I haves a few deer leg bones.
  12. Similar to you it's a method to free thoughts and do 1 thing. The satisfaction from making something and seeing others enjoy it is also nice. Plus its just fun to beat hot metal with a hammer!
  13. Junk store find also got a 4 lb cross pein. Didn't know what it was so looked up hammers here and found a ship or top maul, nice place to learn. maul.docx