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  1. Using 1084 after quench tempered for 2 hours at 400 and blades turned blue. I didn't expect this and not sure if they are good or what to do next. Should I start over normalize, quench (harden) then temper? Of course this is new to me, only used salvaged springs and a sway bar before and that's just 3 knives. I've heard the term blue back but no experience with method or what it looks like. This is different correct?
  2. Kydex is an option, but those would look better in leather I believe. Nice work
  3. I'm looking to get something to wear while working blacksmithing and around yard/acreage. Perhaps safety toe but resist burns while forging and welding plus general stuff work that could damage tennis shoes. I don't mind spending for quality and want something that will last. Any experience for getting or staying away from would be helpful.
  4. Found this for 2.50 $, I understand window weights are cast iron. Am I correct? Will get a blade and disk for grinder tomorrow bad timing to be out of both.
  5. Nice bending tool and hooks look uniform. I used to make a dozen to get 3 the same size. Are you lucky or good?
  6. WD 40 is water displacement trial 40. The previous 39 didn't work.
  7. All above is good information. Just a note on my experience. The sparks can burn through shirts faster then I would have guessed, so i got a leather apron and always wear it. I have another brand (cheaper, Dewalt is good) but similar in size and use it regularly. Use common sense and be careful, if it can cut/grind through metal skin or bones isn't a challenge. Enjoy your new Dewalt.
  8. Smallest wrench (it's on a 1 1/1 inch piece of flat bar) I've bought, 2$ from second hand shop. Also 2 chisels and a ball peen at 2 apiece. 1st time in over a month looking for used tools.
  9. With my limited experience it wolf jaw will work. That's what I started with. However tongs that are for specific shapes and sizes are much better. I used to think blacksmiths that had dozens or even hundreds was overkill, but you always only need 1 more pair.
  10. PB blaster or Kroil Be patient and let the stuff soak
  11. Thanks I understand, now if I remember and can do that next time.
  12. The rivet forge blower was making noise and the belt was half way off. A leg was leaning so I looked and this bolt had no nut. Replaced and all was running great. I think this possible over a 100 year old bolt needed to be replaced. forge bolt.docx
  13. Nice!! I've never used a charred handle, hope to try one. Those just need hot steel and anvil time.
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