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  1. Nice bending tool and hooks look uniform. I used to make a dozen to get 3 the same size. Are you lucky or good?
  2. WD 40 is water displacement trial 40. The previous 39 didn't work.
  3. All above is good information. Just a note on my experience. The sparks can burn through shirts faster then I would have guessed, so i got a leather apron and always wear it. I have another brand (cheaper, Dewalt is good) but similar in size and use it regularly. Use common sense and be careful, if it can cut/grind through metal skin or bones isn't a challenge. Enjoy your new Dewalt.
  4. Smallest wrench (it's on a 1 1/1 inch piece of flat bar) I've bought, 2$ from second hand shop. Also 2 chisels and a ball peen at 2 apiece. 1st time in over a month looking for used tools.
  5. With my limited experience it wolf jaw will work. That's what I started with. However tongs that are for specific shapes and sizes are much better. I used to think blacksmiths that had dozens or even hundreds was overkill, but you always only need 1 more pair.
  6. PB blaster or Kroil Be patient and let the stuff soak
  7. Thanks I understand, now if I remember and can do that next time.
  8. The rivet forge blower was making noise and the belt was half way off. A leg was leaning so I looked and this bolt had no nut. Replaced and all was running great. I think this possible over a 100 year old bolt needed to be replaced. forge bolt.docx
  9. Nice!! I've never used a charred handle, hope to try one. Those just need hot steel and anvil time.
  10. I do use a square piece of steel for anvil, as stated in the 1st message.
  11. TP I've ask many people with no luck, 20 plus years ago many 2nd hand resale shops had them, sure everyone realizes this and I have been looking for a couple of years. The few found ones belonged to grandpa etc... and folks had to keep them even though nobody used them.
  12. I did see some out of the country but assumed shipping would be to expensive. Thanks Also considered a press or making a treadle hammer, occasionally it would be nice as I do want make a few knives and bearded axes.
  13. Trying to decide if I should get an anvil or more tools. Haven't found a used anvil I could afford so looking at a small NC, mostly good reviews. I don't work on big stuff, 1/4 round or square and 1/8 flat bar is the typical size used for leaves, hinges, hooks etc. I do use 3/4 stock for campfire racks but only make a point on 1 end and make hole in the other. My main need is shaping curves, I made turning forks and use some things like cans and branches. Cone mandrels that I've seen are to big or small and cost to much. I don't have the ability (tools and such) to make one. Using a rivet forge and square piece of steel for anvil, also have a leg vise. I do have basic tools hammers, tongs, angle grinder and a few other assorted things. Suggestions or things to consider?
  14. Good start post more pics as you continue.
  15. You can get handles for doors or gates at a reasonable price. I had planned to make a handle for one but the big box store price was better than time spent cutting shaping and sanding. Good deal on brushes and how did the family like the meat you marinated?
  16. Picked this up at a used book store. Anyone used this book? Why did 2 pics load and why does it reappear after I delete 1? It was downloaded twice...
  17. Nice find! I've never seen a wrought iron horseshoe to know it it was.
  18. I tried the can this morning and it worked as I had hoped. Thanks again for input.
  19. masonred

    hammer ID

    I I can't find any info on this hammer. It's a 2 lb sledge with the only these markings, just interested in maker, quality and age if possible. The shield is nearly complete just very vague near the bottom and not sure what letter or emblem is in the middle.
  20. Found this morning hammer has no dings on face looks unused.
  21. Thanks for replies. I have bending forks make from 1/2 round stock that do a great job, but for repeated use a jig will be faster and more uniform. I've got wood patterns that are 20 + years old and might only get occasional use but are so nice when ask to make another rocking horse, stool or steps etc... I'm building up my selection of tools and supplies for forging. I like the saying "it's the carpenter not the tools" however the appropriate tool is helpful.
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