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  1. Thomas, don’t have a way to do sheathes right now, however I’m able to carry the blade on the left because it’s fits a case to a Schrade knife I have had for a while. Also, I’m bionic because metal plate in my skull and a prosthetic leg.
  2. Here’s a few knifes I finished up over the weekend (they were in progress for a long time). That’s the first 3 I have done to completion.
  3. Unfortunately this project got scrapped as it cracked rather badly during heat treat.
  4. Here’s a little progress update
  5. thanks for the info Thomas and Frazer
  6. Frazer, any recommendations on a good set of files for a beginner?
  7. Wow, that is completely awesome, Great work
  8. Thanks for the tip Chad, I am currently using a 3&1/2 pound cross peen hammer that fits my hand pretty well.
  9. Hi all, I am new to bladesmithing/ blacksmithing in general and would love some hands on experience learning from someone with experience making knives.
  10. Appreciate the tip M.J. Spring steel would be 5160 correct?
  11. This is my first ever blacksmithing project of any kind at all, even if it winds up being a bust I’m not gonna be upset about it. I knew coming into it that I was gonna have several failures before I made anything of above mediocre quality. However it is extremely fun to do so it won’t be time wasted and I can learn as I go.
  12. Thanks for the input George and Frosty, I'll be sure to try that, not sure if I have enough thickness to grind too much more off and it still have some meat to it but if I fail I can always start a new one
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