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  1. Will do , I will do some temporary set up for now , good to finally have vise outside so I could stop worring about buring house down ! Thanx
  2. Great , thanx for the info.on the hunt for post mounting materials , steel runs for 1 dollar a lb . Adds up fast when you get into plate steel . I love ones with shelf and hammer / tong storage . Mine needs to be portable to a degree . Thinking sbout metal base to white oak beam with shelf on top .
  3. Thanx ,I think it spent many years in storage and had a coat of black paint on it to keep rust down .Is normal restoration wire wheel and tung oil for natural look or paint ? Good idea , engine paint takes the heat .
  4. Thanx ,I think it spent many years in storage and had a coat of black paint on it to keep rust down .Is normal restoration wire wheel and tung oil for natural look or paint ?
  5. Rookiesmith

    1st post vise

    I have been looking for a post vise .I gave one away 25 yrs ago thinking I would never need , passed on a few 90# that where in rough shape and sellers wouldnt budge on price. Found 65# in good shape and it was all there , screw and box looked free of major wear . Wire wheeled screw box and it says wrights , solid box patent , and possibly the coat of arms stamp that Frank Turley mentioned in post when helping people id their vises. It was worth waiting and constantly searching , dollar bill test on jaws is perfect . Tight all the way across 5.1/4 jaw . Thank you guys for providing so much info to help newbies . I need to build 2x72 sander now , I have motor need time.my son loves it (14), he got me to bring everything out in snowy driveway this weekend ,i will post pic of his project .Thanks for sharing your knowlege.Glenn Sorry so long winded prices are high were I live but I paid 150.00 I think I did ok with it appearing to be original .
  6. Thank you Chris , I read there was a different process in manufacture in early 1900 but I am not sure which one made a better anvil . The other one I have is 1913 , dont get me wrong I’m thrilled to have them both . It is very addicting searching for these hidden gems.I want my son to have everything he needs and it is good quality time. with him. Thanx again for your time and sharing. I have AIA on my xmas list Glenn
  7. Great story , always good to see quality old tool go to good caretaker. Wow 410 is a monster.
  8. Thank you for the warning , one cut on long rh edge was deep . I was afraid it would chip face worse if not reinforced or filled . I will read up on methods you described . Rebound with 5/8 bearing is very good .Thank you for your time . I feel like I rescued this anvil!
  9. Hi guys , I found an anvil that was used in automobile shop , it has a few gashes from cutting torch But otherwise useble . Can anyone age for me 139315 serial# 120lbs .I know a good welder and was going to have him touch up cuts in face . Thank you Glenn
  10. Funny , I cant wait to get something to the point of buffing rouge . Wood working was something I had to do , metal working is something I want to do.I will get there , have to make pole shed set up work for awhile until barn residents no longer around. Animals never leave my property , they live good life(at my expense) until fertilizer . Wife wont have it any other way! Im sure I am not alone here! Sorry to get off topic
  11. I was in architectual millwork my whole life and wood you layout,cut,shave, massage with grits to babys behind finish . Metal not so much .
  12. Thanx for all the input , We will have to get after this and get some time and work on beginner type projects.
  13. Ok , will do for knives thank you for the time savings , picked up a dozen or so 5-6 rail road spikes at estate sale for the raw material box . Metal working just brought my pack -rat level up at least two notches!
  14. Point takin , there are so many variables , need to get moving .ps Eric (king forever) norse name
  15. As far as temperature I do not have anything more than printed color page chart off computerwith heat ranges. At first me and my 14 yr old ,we will call him Eric left in forge until what we thought looked orange and started working it as time went on he would forge I would hammer back and forth , in all honesty we probably rushed the process . I was warned if heated to sparkler white steel is ruined . And your unquestionably right I should never have started with this material , it was what I had. I need to make s hook fixture or something and start slower. Read more.
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