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  1. If ed bolin's "big saddle"is musak then I quess your right
  2. that has to be the coolest lathe on the planet, I love it, there must be a story behind it....
  3. it turns out this model (12 inch de-lux) was built from 1939 to 1958 and the ring turned my girl's finger brown so I made a new one out of stainless
  4. thanks Bob, I thought you would know where to look:D kevin benge
  5. when I got my lathe there was only one document that said 6 " lathe so I just assumed it was a 6" lathe, and I just measured the radius or distance from the center line to the ways and it is 6 1/4 ", Is this a 12" lathe or a 6"? That "missing" 2 " pully turned up, it was there all the time.After I found out what size it was I took out a tape measure and realized how small it was and looked behind the big pully and there it was, and I remembered where my handle came from. The lathe made a pretty good rattle when I first started it up and I assumed that was normal, but after adjusting sever
  6. I know I was going to post there but I couldn't find the thread, and thanks Bob. Kevin Benge
  7. Well I bought my first lathe an old craftsman 6 " you can see it in "showme your lathe" I have never used a lathe before this is my first project a wedding ring for my woman, who has stuck with me for 8 years, God bless her, It is also my first marriage! and I'm 60 in july! I got the idea here but I can't find the thread, check it out .
  8. thank you very much I'm sure to find a use for it now!
  9. very cool, not many wagon wheels out here but you never know , is it a "L"shaped bit that is missing from the tool, I can probably make one
  10. Great I 'm so pleased, er how do it work?by the way I enjoyed your history the other day, I forget what thread it was in but thank you for all you gave for your country and from the outside it looks like a wonderful, full life, best of everything srgn. Kevin Benge
  11. I set up my craftsman 6" x 36" lathe today I am not sure of year the model is 101-21400 the serial number is 101-07403. I think the motor pulley is wrong and oosibly the counter shaft pully, there is one motor pully instead of two it is 4 1/2 " diameter and the counter shaft pullys are 7 1/2 and 9 " does any one know what they are supposed to be? also does anyone recognize the tool in the second to last pic? anyway here are pics it works and I am happy kevin benge
  12. I think it works best when I start from a "theme" that is if I don't get too excited and just jump in, which happens too often, but if I slow down and build it all in my head first the little details that make it magic happen. good luck
  13. I havn't taken delivery yet, perhaps sunday, I will let you know

  14. I think it's great I had a huge smile looking at it. I never thought it was a tongue it looks like he is shooting out flames on the unsuspecting populace, and I was unsure about the wire until you explained the icarus thing, I am still smiling, leave the wire kevin benge
  15. hi aa metalmaster, I love your posts you really know your stuff, and you inspired me to purchase a 6 " craftsman from a local widow for $400 w/ tooling etc. I know zip about lathes do you know of a good forum for this lathe? any tips are appreciated kevin benge

  16. wow! I love it. what size cable? are the rivets placed to keep the main body of the handle clean or is that traditional? very nice, I want one.
  17. I remember now it was a kingpin stuck in a ford I beam suspension, I couldn't hammer it out so I had to remove the I beam and take it to the press, it sounded like a cannon when it busted loose.
  18. I am still thinking about your design, I once had a bearing siezed on an axle and it took over 20 tons of pressure to free it, on a 30 ton press the whole machine flexed, your machine would have shattered and you'd be dead. I have seen a small bench top ress at harbor freight, I think it is only 6 tons and it has at least 2 uprights. Don't take it personally , just don't get killed.
  19. I think glenn is right, all your pressure is held by those 4 upper bolts, I have looked at a lot of presses and they all use 2 uprights with the upper cross beam phisically locked within the upright bodies (no bolts} or heavy pins, you might replace that jack with a smaller one and build a better frame if you need 20 tons.
  20. those are great anvils, I was scrounging around the local wrecking yard yesterday and found some rr track but I passed it up partly because the gap between the rail and the base was too narrow, but this guy solved that problem in a perfect way, I wonder how he did that
  21. bonehead11

    snake head 2

    this is my second casting, set w/ rubies
  22. bonehead11

    rifle scabbard

    my lovely wife modeling the bandolier
  23. bonehead11

    rifle scabbard

    my wife was kind enough to model the scabbard
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