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  1. If ed bolin's "big saddle"is musak then I quess your right
  2. that has to be the coolest lathe on the planet, I love it, there must be a story behind it....
  3. it turns out this model (12 inch de-lux) was built from 1939 to 1958 and the ring turned my girl's finger brown so I made a new one out of stainless
  4. thanks Bob, I thought you would know where to look:D kevin benge
  5. when I got my lathe there was only one document that said 6 " lathe so I just assumed it was a 6" lathe, and I just measured the radius or distance from the center line to the ways and it is 6 1/4 ", Is this a 12" lathe or a 6"? That "missing" 2 " pully turned up, it was there all the time.After I found out what size it was I took out a tape measure and realized how small it was and looked behind the big pully and there it was, and I remembered where my handle came from. The lathe made a pretty good rattle when I first started it up and I assumed that was normal, but after adjusting sever
  6. I know I was going to post there but I couldn't find the thread, and thanks Bob. Kevin Benge
  7. Well I bought my first lathe an old craftsman 6 " you can see it in "showme your lathe" I have never used a lathe before this is my first project a wedding ring for my woman, who has stuck with me for 8 years, God bless her, It is also my first marriage! and I'm 60 in july! I got the idea here but I can't find the thread, check it out .
  8. thank you very much I'm sure to find a use for it now!
  9. very cool, not many wagon wheels out here but you never know , is it a "L"shaped bit that is missing from the tool, I can probably make one
  10. Great I 'm so pleased, er how do it work?by the way I enjoyed your history the other day, I forget what thread it was in but thank you for all you gave for your country and from the outside it looks like a wonderful, full life, best of everything srgn. Kevin Benge
  11. I set up my craftsman 6" x 36" lathe today I am not sure of year the model is 101-21400 the serial number is 101-07403. I think the motor pulley is wrong and oosibly the counter shaft pully, there is one motor pully instead of two it is 4 1/2 " diameter and the counter shaft pullys are 7 1/2 and 9 " does any one know what they are supposed to be? also does anyone recognize the tool in the second to last pic? anyway here are pics it works and I am happy kevin benge
  12. I think it works best when I start from a "theme" that is if I don't get too excited and just jump in, which happens too often, but if I slow down and build it all in my head first the little details that make it magic happen. good luck
  13. I havn't taken delivery yet, perhaps sunday, I will let you know

  14. Craftsman lathe sites, but they are on Yahoo. What does your SN start with 109 or 101 because there are two different makes of 6" lathes...Bob atlas_craftsman : Atlas_Craftsman Metal Working Machines

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