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  1. I did have a meeting with the musician today, he liked the triangle, but for a symphonic instrument, we do not want to have a single note, more of a mix of overtones. Also, the thing doesn't hang right. So, I'll try cutting one leg a little bit more and hope to get it balanced so that it hangs straight, perhaps that will help the overtones as well. I will harden it, but I guess I better temper it a little bit so that it is not too brittle. Thank you for all the good ideas. I think this is probably not going to be the last one I make, I am a musician and know many percussion players.
  2. Thanks for all your answers! I completed the triangle last night, it is a 7.5 by 7.5 x 6" triangle, made from a jeep spring. It is textured all over, and the tone is complex. I will meet with the musician I made it for today, and decide whether to harden and temper the triangle.
  3. Hello, I need to bend a musicians triangle. The advice that is given in my books is to isolate the heat by using a torch. I have no torch. Any advice is welcome. I would rather not fumble about too much on this one, as is my usual way. Of course I do have ideas, but I am not very experienced. Robert Hanford
  4. The HF tools work for me. I welded them together, and use them every once in a while. When I have time to do much more smithing, probably in the next life, I will make a touchmark. They are cheap and a good first step. Good luck!
  5. Hi, I am wondering if anybody else has experience with this type of coal. I bought it from a reputable establishment, on recommendation from someone from this site. I was a little bit taken aback by the appearance of the coal when I got to the place-these were very large lumps, which I have never seen before. The owner explained to me about the Pocahontas seam, which has evidently been lost and found a number of times. I was not provided with any info about the coal, but decided to purchase a fair amount which I tried using today. It seems to work very well! However I am needing to adapt to the large lumps, they seem to break apart fairly easily once they are warmed up by the fire. Any wisdom about this? I at first was afraid I would have to break it up with a hammer.
  6. Hello JR, Please message me. I am a Chicago area intermediate blacksmith hobbyist. I have a little smithy in my backyard that I have managed to get away with, so far. Robert Hanford
  7. That first sentence should read-I have done so with good results.
  8. I have done so good results, but I'm not sure if it is really safe or not. It might also depends on where the hardie hole is on your anvil and what type of anvil you have etc.
  9. Your instructional video was great. I made a small Dragonhead using your technique of forge welding the head back on itself with the ears protruding behind. I wish there was more material such as this on the Internet-it is very clear.
  10. Wow, David, you are really outdoing me in your desire for a balancing act. I am glad that you still have your passion. I wish you the absolute best in dealing with your ealth problems and have confidence that you will continue to find enjoyment and satisfaction in moving metal. Sincerely, Robert
  11. Also I might add that when you cut the blast and pull the fire apart, sometimes there there is coke which is halfway between coal and and the completely formed fluffy light coke. It can feel heavier, but works for the next fire. Good luck!
  12. I have been thinking about this for some time. I am an amateur . I also have a rich professional life in my chosen vocation, And also an intricate family life. Yet I have a passion for my current hobby. For all the amateurs out there-how do you balance your passion for smithing with all the demands you experience on a daily basis? It seems like I want to have it all- I am lucky enough to have a wife that makes it possible, Yet it does get tricky at times. Just interested in how others manage. If you have the time, please reply.
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