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  1. I was recently in the USA and was lucky enough to visit Old Sturbridge Village, just to the west of Boston, MA. They have an original (but relocated) 1800's forge and i have to say if I had been allowed (which i wasn't on pain of an angry wife) I could have stayed all day, but for those of you who haven't been to the place I've attached some photos I took...serious Forge Envy on my part. Chris
  2. Well we are back and had a great time in the USA, thanks to everyone who gave us some info and places to visit. One of the places we visited was Old Sturbridge Village - which has a great Blacksmiths shop, i was dragged away by an irate wife and child after 30 minutes so didn't stay as long as i was hoping. I'll put a photo up when i've downloaded them all as it is a great place and I was very jealous. I also caught out of the corner of my eye a sign for a blacksmiths shop - somewhere on Cape Cod, but by the time I had seen it and remembered to drive on the correct side of the road i had forgotten where it was again. Chris
  3. just as a thought, you probably need some air inlets at the base of the hood, to allow the smoke to rise, if you cut off the air in at the bottom it will not chimney up as it doesn't have a huge amount of force to drag new air in, try a few slots at the bottom of the hood, just above the firepan and see if it helps with the swirl you are getting out. Chris p.s. I've never tried it on a forge, but part of my day job is designing air ducting for electronics and they have similar problems.
  4. I'm not sure this is the place for a philosophical arguement, I also don't think we disagree that it is immoral and unethical (as well as illegal) to boost the price of an item you are selling beyond the normal market forces level. But there is no suggestion that this has happened here and so what the market has decided is that this item is worth the price it sold for, therefore that is what it is worth.
  5. I've seen it happen both real life and online auctions, but as bad and un-ethical as it is - if the final sale goes to a person who paid an amount he was willing to pay for an item, then it is what the item was worth at the time, if you aren't willing to pay that much then don't bid. Chris
  6. But if someone wants a Yugo and it's the only one on sale and 5 other people are after a Yugo then the price will be what the price is.... As was said - the starting price was $25, it wasn't the person selling that set the price it was the people buying...and they can't be wrong. Chris
  7. I always love the $X per lb arguement - it only applies to scrap metal. As with anything else an anvil is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, in one location you'll get huge demand in others huge supply...the difference could be 50, 100, X+% in price. As Mr Miller said - offer and see whether he will accept, if the price is still too high walk away, see whether in 3 months time and he's still trying to sell it if he'll take the same offer...rinse and repeat - if he sells it then someone was willing to pay it, and the price was right (at that time in that location for that item). Chris
  8. the ultimate question - I've just bought one in Ebay - there are lots there but they tend to be spread around the country a bit and so finding one you an afford close enough to pickup is the difficulty. You could check for 'Farm dispersal sales' these are auctions where the farm equipment is being sold off, I've seen 2 with anvils in them so far this month. Or you could splash out and buy one new from vaughans - www.anvils.co.uk That's all i can think of. Chris
  9. Hi all, after my last post about a small anvil - I found the following on ebay and have just won it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251058397728?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 I probably paid a bit much, and have to arrange collection but it was the size I was after, and is a little bit different from normal. Anyone got some ideas on mounting it? I was thinking tree stump..any other thoughts? Chris
  10. very good - I had it on my watch list but way too far away for me to collect - good buy.
  11. really nice idea and well executed. it's basically a ramjet - brilliant application of the principle. Wouldn't worry about the compressor noise...the jet will probably drown it out..;)
  12. I'm in a similar boat, I've found a few online suppliers: http://www.easupplies.com/Black-Pipe-Fittings-s/3306.htm http://www.esska-tech.co.uk/esska_eng_s/malleable_iron_pipe_fittings.html Watch out what you buy - I believe that Galvanised is BAD near heat as it gives off some fumes..but not sure on that. If you find a different supply give me a shout as I'll be looking for some over the winter. Chris
  13. Easiest way to explain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spark_testing Chris
  14. The vid is a chap in the UK who does some great Youtube vids called Gary Huston - I have his channel as a favourite he does some great stuff. I was always thinking about using lorry engine mounts in the same way...but this is a much simpler method. Chris
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