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  1. Thanks Frosty! They're few and far between where I live in NZ. I've been scouring all the second hand shops on the Manawatu. What on earth is a slab handle by the way?
  2. Hey guys a second hand dealer just flicked these two off to me for 5$ each. Any thoughts on what the hammer on the right would be used for or could be made into? I'm a newbie so excuse my novice questions haha
  3. That's awesome, it's a really nice place up there! It's quite funny si far the other blacksmiths I've come across have been at the opposite ends if nz, there's no one near the middle haha
  4. Hi guys I'm from New Zealand and im just starting out in the craft. I've been learning alot over the past year and now I've decided to reach out and try find someone from NZ and to try get a idea of how alive blacksmithing is here. if you're from NZ feel free to let me know what part your from! I'm from Palmerston North myself!
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