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  1. I usually use the heat time for cool down time for me and a drink. Milwaukee Bluetooth jobsite radio jamming out some Ray Wylie Hubbard is common place around my forge.
  2. I have one of those that was a gift to me by my grandpa several years ago that got this whole blacksmithing idea started for me. Its turned out to be a very fun and learning experience so far. Only pic I could find of it on my phone
  3. muddawgchuck


    I don't mind paying for new tools if they are better. All the vices I've found so far have been broke/welded (which may be fine but why chance it), so I'll keep hunting or try a new one. My vice I have now is welded back together and I haven't been able to rebreak it but I t was free when I got it so I didn't mind so much.
  4. muddawgchuck


    It was on Centaur website that I saw the vise. Thanks for the replies I was just curious if anyone has tried one out yet.
  5. muddawgchuck


    Anyone tried these vises?
  6. See you are in Houston, another good spot for finding blacksmithing tools is the Winnie trade days. Cast Iron Cowboy place in the back usually has plenty of overpriced tools but they like to bargain and haggle.
  7. It gets a good beating every chance I get. Very lively face it will let ya know if you miss. I have new big anvil fever bad but trying to work the most misses out of my swing first.
  8. My "coleslaw" picked it up at a flea market last year way better than the little vise anvil combo thing I was using before.
  9. Anyone forged a shovel? Sharpshooter, spade, or anything. Thinking of useful items to try to make that someone way back when would have had to forge. I made a trowel shaped object out of a RR spike but would like to try something bigger. Gonna try to get the trowel down better first but thinking of ideas in the process.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Never knew Hackberry trees were good for handles.
  11. Going to add another question to this thread. What are the preferred handle materials ya'll use? I am green green at this but find myself picking up a 2lb metal handle engineer hammer most often.
  12. Thank you. I was kinda impressed with the edge they hold. I didn't think they would be worth a flip but they ain't terrible.
  13. Meant to say wood fired lol. Thanks for the welcome, happy to be here and I will update profile.