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  1. Press type recommendations

    Have most of my parts gathered for a forging press. 5hp high torq motor, 2200 psi vane pump, 5in bore 14in stroke cylinder, and a valve. Have been planning on building a uncle all's type press and have all the metal to build but with the 14in cylinder will make the bottom die over 50in from the floor. My question is which press type has the best combination of durability, versatility, and usability. Of the uncle all's design, c frame or h frame.
  2. Testing hydraulic pump

    I believe that is my best option. Thank you for your advice.
  3. Testing hydraulic pump

    Having a 5hp hydraulic pump givin to me in trade for a little labor. It is pump and motor only. The guy bought it used as a working unit but has never used it. Is there an economical way to test the unit without buying valves and hoses? Most likely won't build a press if this unit is doa and would rather avoid buying parts that won't be used if pump is not good.
  4. Burner using 1in pipe vs 3/4

    Thank you all. I did find the information I needed.
  5. Burner using 1in pipe vs 3/4

    Is it possible to use 1" black pipe rather than 3/4 for a propane burner? Would it not put out higher btu? Any drawbacks? The reason for asking is i have a bucket full of 1in black iron nipples and fittings. Thanks for any advice and comments.
  6. North German anvil identity

    Thanks for all of the replies. Not all that concerned with the value as much as quality of anvil. Gave around $3.60 a pound and for my neck of the woods is a fair price compared to what smaller anvils are bringing here in SW missouri. Big anvils like this are hard to come by here. Seller claims 95+% rebound and if that proves close to true I will be satisfied.
  7. North German anvil identity

    469 is in pounds. I am in the Midwest united States. Gave considerably north of $1000 usd.
  8. North German anvil identity

    LOL. Yes really didn't think I would get it. Talked to the guy last week but we couldn't come together on price. Long story short we finally did earlier this evening. Didn't steal it but got what I beleive was a fair deal. Just looking for any info as to what I bought. Hopefully a good anvil at a fair price?
  9. Just bought this anvil. Should be here around the end of the week. Advertised as north german 469# forged anvil. Any clue as to the maker and age. Good anvil? Any information appreciated.
  10. Show off your diy forge

    Thanks for the tip. I'll give that a try next time I fire it up.
  11. Show off your diy forge

    Been burning anthracite coal from tractor supply. Got plenty hot but was a little hard to lite.
  12. Show off your diy forge

    Here is my first attempt. Still not finished, have to put a lip around outer edge of table. Firepot made from 3/4" plate thanks to a friend with a lot of steel and a plasma cutter. Had I known more the design would have been different. Good start until I know more what my needs are.
  13. Trenton anvil age

    Same here. Offered $600 but no go. I beleive it's in a flea market between eureka and Berryville. I have only talked to the guy over text and phone. Also finally got the correct weight maybe. The guy at the auction said it was 225 then the owner said 230, now says it's 215lbs? Either way I'm still on the hunt.
  14. Trenton anvil age

    Really don't know where it's at exactly. Got the number for the guy that knows the guy from a guy at an auction. The owner sent the pic to him and he forwarded it to me. 900 was the price I got from him.
  15. Trenton anvil age

    This may be the same anvil. I don't own it but it is for sale in nw ar but like you to rich for my blood.