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  1. Various planing tools like chisels flat, rounded, bevelled etc I would have thought. Not 100% sure that's what this is, but I've worked as a potter and used something similar.
  2. Could it be a plate lathe for cutting a specific depth to an unfired pot / plate?
  3. I think I've seen a similar tool to do with car wheels maybe a ball joint separater?
  4. Could the top be for placing rivets. I would agree the third is a stake possibly for doing small work like jewellery maybe and the last could be an apprentice piece although it is quite long and so a bit wasteful?
  5. Could it possible be from a set of (jewellery) ring templates to help you size and join them? Have you considered trying a jewellers ring gauge (for measuring finger size) on them to see if they match up to ring sizes?
  6. Sheffield steel is as I sure you may know world renowned and with most brands, they will use their own secret recipe. They look old, stained with oil, rusted and brought back to a proper finish, 'tools that should last' in other words, good find.
  7. I believe the first picture shows a device to lift and carry crucibles (smelting pots). The length of it is to protect you from the intense heat of the furnace and also reduce the chances of spilling on yourself. It could also be used for logs as the other member mentioned to place them in an open furnace etc. Im sure there are a lot of other uses you could find for it, like fishing keys out of a drain lol.
  8. They definitely look like tapered hole gauges that can be used to force the required diameter into malleable metal after an initial hole has been made. Useful for adding holes to hang forged items from e.g. a single ended spanner.