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  1. Yes I have used it. Finished up and put together a set of tongs from Kens Iron. Liked the way it worked for them. As I have very limited experience with a real anvil I can not say which I would like better. 6 to 9 US dollars a pound was a little rich for my blood so went this direction. Have had a couple mention it might work better mounted on a stump or solid wooden stand I make myself. My next project will be a set of tongs from scratch and will know better then what I think.
  2. Back in March I posted a picture of a piece of steel and asked for ideas on the best way to use it. The picture is what I came up with. The strike plate is 5x13x1.5 inches thick and weighs in at about 28 pounds and has a 1 inch hardy hole. The plate it is mounted on is 13x14.5x1.5 inches thick and weighs in at about 80 pounds. Legs are 2 inch schedule 40 pipe. I haven't road tested it yet as I just finished it. Comments good or bad are welcome as I am still a newby
  3. Picture311.jpg

    I want to thank all of you for your input. SLAG Spring's Promise is what my bride of 46 years has chosen for a name, and believe me I am not about to argue with her. LOL again thanks to all Bob
  4. Picture311.jpg

    I like it slag thanks
  5. Druid_Hammer

    love it
  6. Picture311.jpg

    I need a name for this picture/sculptor please.
  7. BP0553 Building a Brick Forge

    WOW Glenn you made all of us envious. It takes a lot of talent to build something that beautiful. Bob
  8. S0019 Cutting Trees

    ROFLMAO So True So True I echo Mark a big thanks for the humor. Bob
  9. BP0078 The Metallurgy of Heat Treating for Blacksmiths

    Ouch! My brain is old and has scale on it from being overworked to many times. LOL That is a great article and I will have to read it several times before it all sinks in this old brain. At 69 years young I am not as quick as I used to be. Thanks for the information Quenchcrack it was well thought out and presented in a way that with several readings I think I will be able to absorb at least half of it. Bob
  10. Show me your shop!

    No walls. No roof. LOL But it is a start. Will have to be a fair weather iron worker at least for awhile.
  11. Thanks Glenn even an old goat can remember that, at least for a little while. lol Hmmmmmm biggun think neighbor has one and he is in carrying distance. I did do a spark test. compared to the sparks off of an old pitch fork. seemed the same. they both looked like the sparks off of a 4th sparkler.
  12. Yes that is what I came up with Glenn. Wonderful this internet found a calculator from a steel mfg that allowed me to figure it out without using my brain. LOL Have my RR iron mounted on a stump so am thinking of mounting it on the unused end side of the stump on end like it sets Thanks for the heads up JHCC would never have given a thought to sharp edges until I screwed something up. LOL
  13. A word of thanks

    sounds to me like your daughter had some very good raising and a whole lot of love growing up. You care so she cares and the end result is she will do good in life. Bob
  14. Thank you for the quick reply. I plan starting with knives. Is 1.5 inches is enough width for a working face to work with?
  15. I am one of those poor folks on a "fixed income" LOL and have not been able to find an anvil I could afford. So have done the done the next best thing. I purchased a chunk of steel 13x39x1.5 inches for $25 and hope to make it do as an anvil. I got out of a foundry/machine shop that went out of business. I do not know what kind of steel it is, but think it might be tool or low 10xx. I has been machined very smooth on all sides and one side looks to be polished under the fine grained rust. Plan on mounting it on a 14 inch diameter hard wood stump I had cut for the purpose of mounting an anvil. Have been toying with the idea of cutting it in half, cutting a hardy hole some how in one half and then welding the two halves together before mounting on the stump. This newbe would love to hear what you all think and have learned the hard way. I hope I have put this request in the correct place, and if I have not please set me straight as I am an old goat trying to get into the new century.