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  1. Not really fallowing but brought by the magic brown truck. Two butcher block brushes. The HF welding brush kind of melted when it hit hot steel. So i now have two and will most likley only ever be able to find one. Mel
  2. Did a bunch more on my 2x72. I put some photos in my NWGS thread. Find it here. Mel
  3. Made a bunch of progress over the last couple of days. Made the parts for the table and cut some ugly keyways in the drive shaft. I now have a large pile of parts. Next I did a test assembly. Staaarting to look like a grinder. Thanks for looking. Mel
  4. DC Nice hual. Do you think the anvil can be saved? Mel
  5. No photos today. Just cut the tubing for the tool rest. Still need to drill some holes and tap some threads. Mel
  6. Nice! Will have to start warching out for files now. Mel
  7. A pic of the latest parts. Allmost time to put it togather. Still need to cut the keyway in the drive shaft and deside about the step pullys. Mel
  8. I did get some time to work on my 2 x 72 grinder. Mote drilling and sawing. All most time to try putting it together for a test assembly. Mel
  9. Wow last time I bought steel the yard here charged me .65 cents a pound! That was for the rusty cut offs. Like the 4"x4" tube I am using for my 2x72 grinder base. Mel
  10. I think the pillow blocks might be to close together as well. I have a bunch of 2" angle iron so I can move them if I need. I was given a 1HP motor brand new in the box from sears craftsman. He said his dad had bought it in the 60s and never used it. It is a open frame so I am planing to put it in a fan cooled filter box. Thanks! Mel
  11. Thanks for the pointers. I will keep my eyes open. Mel
  12. I like it. I have been thinking of something similar. Mel
  13. Frosty Glad you found the problem. I finshed drilling the 1x 1/8 bars for the clamps. No photos today. I also started the tool arm. Then had to run some errands so i will drill more tomarrow. Mel
  14. Yesterday I made the tension arm and the tracking wheel parts. Today drilled the mounting brackets for the tracking assembly. I also cut the clamps. Still need the 3/8" holes in them. Here is a photo. Mel
  15. Worked some more on my 2x72 no weld grinder. I am getting quite the pile of steel tubing with holes drilled in it. Mel