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  1. Finally getting settled and have some time to start on my new shop building. My dad and I got the foundation dug out and will get the forrms in over the next few days. That is if it doesn't snow. Mel W.
  2. Nice poker. That Dragon and twist would make a cool walking stick handle. Thanks fo e sharing. Mel Than
  3. Very cool. I can see tbem on the office shelf in a auto shop. Mel
  4. Well this is on hold for now. The grinder and the rest of my shop are packed up because of the move. I will post whin I get back to it after the move. Thanks for looking! Mel
  5. That turned out very nice. I bet the church is happy with it. Mel
  6. I am setting up a 2x72 grinder/sander. Breathing metal dust might aggravate my asthma. All joking aside metal dust is bad juju! I am still waiting for the mask. Last tracking had it out for delivery then changed to incomplete address. I called the usps and used the tracking number to schedule a delivery and gave the robo phone machine my correct address. Here is hoping it worked. Mel
  7. Wood What are you useing for the engine? Looks like a neet project. Mel
  8. Update on this project. Went by Harbor Freight and picked up a linked v belt and a grease gun for the bearings. I was able to use a 25% off coupon. Now all i need is to get some abrasive belts. Any one have a good supplyer for the belts that wont brake the bank? Thanks Mel
  9. That looks beefy. What is the HP on that motor? Mel
  10. Frosty How about some photos of yours? Mel
  11. I got this in the mail today. Just need to get vbelts and sanding belts. Mel
  12. I have one of these masks on order. I will be looking in to converting it to a blower based fresh air system If that is not feasible I may have to shave. Mel
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