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  1. AR. Hillbilly

    New digs.

    I think that stump is cool. In addition to making friends with the police have them visit often and maybe the dope heads won’t come visit.
  2. AR. Hillbilly

    Split Crosses

    What an awesome post. I cut the head off 57 railroad spikes then drilled and tapped the spike heads to make the kitchen cabinet pulls for my wife. I kept all the cutoff spikes. Be been using a portaband to cut them to length and make the slits. Every time I get a few minutes I cut a few. I hope to forge what have ready this weekend. The texture hammer is awesome. I can’t wait to try that. good learning in this post.
  3. AR. Hillbilly

    Identification of Champion Blower

    I bought a blower just like this today. Same handle same 3 legged stand and no numbers whatsoever. Mine also seems to be in good condition.
  4. AR. Hillbilly

    How much control on a power hammer?

    I would never assume anything about the guy without learning a little about his experience. Then I would try to give some positive advice. That is very impressive.
  5. AR. Hillbilly

    How much control on a power hammer?

    Son just so you know I was a dirt track racer and car builder from 1985 to 2005. I built several championship cars and won a couple myself. I started in a street stock and finished in a super stock.
  6. AR. Hillbilly

    How much control on a power hammer?

    Thanks for the input guys. I’m not as concerned with the cost of the hammer as I’m concerned with the real estate it requires being used in a positive way.
  7. AR. Hillbilly

    How much control on a power hammer?

    Not trying to do anything faster. The ones that I make now I am very satisfied with. The fact that I’ve swung a hammer for 35 years for a living has left me with a weak shoulder. I can still make the hooks and small things by hand no problem. 5 years from now I don’t know. Im just curious what all I can do with this hammer when I get it?
  8. A Clay Spencer tire hammer to be exact. I make a lot of hooks n such. I’m wondering if I can draw and taper things very small with a tire hammer. Hope this is ok in this section.
  9. AR. Hillbilly

    Repurposing lawn mower parts

    Not thinking but ours is a commercial mower and has heavy blades. I believe 30” long and maybe 5/16” thick. I cut in half at center hole and torch length wise.
  10. AR. Hillbilly

    Repurposing lawn mower parts

    I make twist tong blanks out of our old mower blades. Each blade =2 pair of tongs.
  11. AR. Hillbilly

    Show me your Lathe

    Here it is after a complete tear down and paint job. I had to replace the ball oiler and bushings on the back gear tube. Everything else seems to be in great conditin
  12. AR. Hillbilly

    Almost set up with $0 spent!

    Good on you and your dad for keeping the awesome tools in the family. As far as blow dryers go there is a way to unhook the heating elements but I don't know how. I recently was given a blower and housing from a jenn air appliance and one from an old clothes dryer. When I first started building my forge an older couple brought me a free Dayton forge blower. It runs so quiet you can't hear it run. It doesn't have a speed change but it has a built in intake gate which works well. I like the look of the forge with clay added.
  13. AR. Hillbilly

    Show me your Lathe

    Will do Smoggy. I did find that site. I've done quite a bit of reading on there. I can't find a book for one this old but was told that the next gen was the same lathe with a different drive system and I can get that book. I got it in the shop and started cleaning. It's cleaning up much easier than I thought it would. Once I get it set up and working I have a friend that will come over and level it and get me started. I know nothing.
  14. AR. Hillbilly

    Show me your Lathe

    I just bought a 1936 Sheldon 11x36 lathe. It was a barn find. It has several drawers full of tooling and "stuff". It needs a good cleaning and going over. I have a friend that runs a machine shop who will help me set it up and get me started.
  15. AR. Hillbilly

    Show Me Your Hooks!

    How would I go about making some of those? I love the look of those hooks made with these. I'm curious how it would look to do this and give a light twist after? I'm inspired.