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  1. I’m also in the process of building a Clay Spencer hammer. I’ve had a few conversations with the man up to this point. I believe that you can make the anvil, base and a few other parts heavier and make the 50 pound hammer much more efficient. A good anvil and base and good machining skills will make the best of this hammer.
  2. Wow thanks for the information. Some good reading there. I’ll save this for future reference. I haven’t made much headway lately but I did wire it up and drill some holes. It’s gonna need a new belt. It runs very quiet and smoothe.
  3. I just bought a Mechanics Machine Co. drillpress. It came out of the Daisy BB gun plant in Rogers Arkansas. It has had an electric motor added. It has a brass tag where it was sold new. Chas A strelenger tool Co Detroit Mi. Im trying to find a date on it. Mechanics machine went out of business in 1912 and started in 1890.
  4. I bought a different piece of 1/4” square to make little split crosses. It cut way easier and I was able to split them fairly straight this time. Very small and easy to lose in the coal forge. I made one more today by forging it with a plumbers love torch instead of my coal forge. It worked well. I also made a wood grain hammer. I practiced with it some and starting to get the knack of it.
  5. I cut the head off some railroad spikes (55) to be exact. I drilled and tapped them and they are our kitchen cabinet door pulls. So I had all the left overs??? I’ve been cutting and splitting them a few at a time and making split crosses from them. My wife wants me to make some smaller ones. I bought some 1/4” square and started cutting and splitting last night. I can’t split them straight to save my life. I tried my band saw , a hack saw and my portaband. I’ll try again tonight. I’m open to any suggestions. I’m seriously considering hot splitting.
  6. Thomas, thank you for the Har bee village tip. I’ve honestly never heard of it before this post. I see a motorcycle trip early spring. it reminds me of the folk center in Mt View
  7. Thank you for that pic. That looks awesome. I think a rock storefront facade would really make that look neat. I’ve been looking at pricing and they go up quick once you get beyond the normal everyday dimensions. I’m thinking a few courses of block under a standard carport might do. Then close it in with wood like the one above.
  8. The shop sold in the late 80’s to early 90’s to another guy who made and sold garden tools and rock bars. That guy passed away in the last few years. Rumor has it that the last owners family is selling stuff. There is a new scrap yard between eureka and Berryville that know what’s up but isn’t telling.
  9. Thomas have you been to Ike Doss Smithy. I’ve been driving by lately and looking at it. Ike is who got me interested in blacksmithing. The guy that bought that business had it made but. He didn’t treat Ike well. I did some work there back in the 80’s. im thinking late 1800’s early 1900’s authentic. I live in Busch Ar. West of Eureka Springs on the old road. Down past us in an old abandoned community where there once was a Smithy. The owners of that property don’t want people messing about. I’m also looking for Eureka Springs Blacksmith pics. all the tools from Ike Doss Smithy are being sold off as we speak. Coal forge and I’m thinking rock brick built in with exposed rock chimney.
  10. Our plan is to be done with our home remodel this spring to mid summer. I then have permission to build a Blacksmith specific shop. I have a shop with welding and mechanic equipment aimed towards antique tractor restoration. There is no place for Blacksmith equipment there. All the welding equipment will remain in my main shop. I need space for one large forge the use of 3 different anvils at the same time and use of one or two post vices. I’m also in the process of building a tire hammer as we speak. All anvils and such will be movable. It will also have a front awning for use with anvils and a portable forge at times. This will be strictly a hobby venture but used one or at times more than one night a week by a small group. At times there will be a Smith with much more experience than I teaching us. It will be set up with a drillpress and small bandsaw. I’m thinking of a large carport with an authentic facade. I’m also thinking pole barn. I want it to look somewhat authentic. I’m a carpenter/barn builder by trade so building it isn’t a problem so long as I can afford it. I’m not looking to build a huge building. Right now we set the forge right in front of my shop and set two anvils just inside the door of my shop and 3 of us forge there at one time. Keep in mind that this will mostly be used by my wife and I but with guests on occasion.
  11. I think that stump is cool. In addition to making friends with the police have them visit often and maybe the dope heads won’t come visit.
  12. What an awesome post. I cut the head off 57 railroad spikes then drilled and tapped the spike heads to make the kitchen cabinet pulls for my wife. I kept all the cutoff spikes. Be been using a portaband to cut them to length and make the slits. Every time I get a few minutes I cut a few. I hope to forge what have ready this weekend. The texture hammer is awesome. I can’t wait to try that. good learning in this post.
  13. I bought a blower just like this today. Same handle same 3 legged stand and no numbers whatsoever. Mine also seems to be in good condition.
  14. I would never assume anything about the guy without learning a little about his experience. Then I would try to give some positive advice. That is very impressive.