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  1. I know that this is a very old thread but i wanted to Clear the air About John Turkingtons store Farrier supply in Monroe Oregon! The shop is alive still and is open 8-5 mon-sat There is Plenty of coal and Coke and Blacksmith supplies to be had even anvils. The store is NOT closing. At the time of this thread started John's Wife had Parkinsons and he was looking at selling off the shop. This is no longer the case his Step Daughter is managing the shop and My Wife ( his granddaughter is working in the shop) I am working out back in the weekends in the forge and we are starting out first of a series of classes June 25th 2016. I will be teaching with John on hand to correct me ;-) or back me up for help! Come on down and see us! Peter Newman
  2. Hey FIRE where in the NW are you? If your in oregon there is a very limited supply for coal but i can help you with that!
  3. Thanks Foxfire thats kind what i was looking at as it does make contact with each slot not sure if it lines up or not as i have to hold it up there and rotate as same time. need that third hand!
  4. Hey all, I have another Old forge table I am trying to rehab. I believe this table is a Champion no 8. it came with original 400 blower that still works and the firebox with is pretty solid still. I located a tuyere from the same era.... and it matches some pictures i have seen...but i have not seen this kind of grate on firebox before in the pic you will see that it dips down into the tuyere about 2 1/2 inches. This Clinker breaker actually come out of the tuyere about 1 inch.... So I have a problem.... other than that it mates up well and once i get it drilled and threaded i can mate them up..... but before i do that anyone have any genius Ideas about what to do about the Clinker breaker?
  5. My Dad once took in all the cast iron pans into work and had them bead blasted... they were super silver and shiny when they came home to my horrified mom! Took quite some time to get the season back. Bacon lots and lots of bacon!
  6. Interesting Anvil height test Frosty going to check that out when I get home!
  7. seems hardy holes vary on size from brand to brand and anvil to anvil even. I have a JHM Shaper and its hole is 1 1/8... Down at the supply shop we have another one and some brand new in stock 1 inch GE cutting Hardies and a couple of other kinds to none of them fit snug. So I did as Arkie advised above welded a bead down the sides and ground to fit. you can also sleeve them with some square tubing say if your hardy is 7/8's or something smaller. Dang John those are some nice looking and stout Hardies!
  8. Hey Ross, All these replies are spot on and is exactly what I have been recently taught. Rebound is the key as it was explained to me that when your hammering on a hot iron your anvil should be hammering the underside just as much as you are on the top side. As far as testing when your on the hunt and looking for a new candidate in someones barn/shop/basement if you don't have a good size ball bearing handy grab a hammer (a good one) hit the anvil holding the hammer lightly you should be able to gauge the rebound buy the amount of stroke you put in to the stroke it puts out... The Ball bearing test is drop the bearing from your hand at 12 inches above the anvil it should come right back up to your hand....the big caution on this is don't move your hand to catch the ball! Anvil breeding so that's whats going on and why they are so hard to find the bigger ones... Dang trophy hunters must be to blame!
  9. Eric Swing by the shop on Saturdays i am usually there out back from round 9-2 am sure john would like to see ya! He's always looking for someone new or old to heckle ;-) but you know this!
  10. The lever hasn't been moved in years so its pretty froze up at this time. Other wise I would have taken a pic with it moved. I if i were to rebuild it the foot would be a tid bit longer.... my face while holding the work and stepping on the leg lever is scary close to the swinging hammer .
  11. No my mentor John Turkington did couple of decades ago. I will be replicating it down the road here to make a slightly different one... once I find a axle that I like.
  12. will try see if i can do it with the phone some time i generally in the shop solo so might be a challeng
  13. Hey all, I thought I would post up some pictures of the treadle Hammer I am using down at Bent River forge. It is made from a Mobile home axle if you look close at the bottom there is a lever that you can flip once that is flipped you can swing the hammer out of the way if this was your only Anvil or your in a small shop. The hammer head is about 15lbs. It's not for sale I am posting up here for the group to have a look at for their own design considerations.
  14. so I have sent three emails into them one over thier web form and two to the email the site lists as the contact... no response so far Have been using it as a bending metal forge and am not pleased... Can wait for the rainy season to end to get my "forge shed built up" then i can just use my Coal one. Guess i am just ruined or spoiled using a coal forge on the weekends down at shop. will try and get some pics up here soon maybe frost or one of the other Gurus can give me a pointer of whats wrong!
  15. I like the Phrase there are doer's and there are talkers.... most people are talkers...... this is a heck of a topic that one could rant about for hours. We all smith for our own reasons. But i think the young man is only stating what society (ours here in the US) sees.... why work so hard at making something when we can just go to a store and buy it? We live in a privileged nation. For how long that will be well there is lots of speculation about that... Pride of ownership and worksmanship is my reason.
  16. thanks all! I have dropped an email to Forgemaster last night I also prefer the coal for the welding but its been a wet winter here. Can't wait for the spring season that is right round the corner. Just got in my Swage Block yesterday and looks like I have about 4 hours of grinding (is sand casted) and a stand to build. Other reason i picked up the Forgemaster is I can vision down the road setting up a booth at some of the local fairs and Renaissance fairs and so on. I may shoot to find a small rivet forge down the road for this but i wanted to try a Gasser... Thanks again all Pete
  17. Have a pretty busy day job and have not had the chance to call them just thought I would post something up here as thought I couldn't be the only one with the forge and someone more experienced may have some tips
  18. Hey All! So still learning lots everyday about Smithing. I have been learning on a Coal forge and have one all set to go into a building once it is built when the ground hardens here in Oregon! But in the mean time I have a Forgemaster Blacksmith model... ya I caved and just bought one instead of building one though i may still build one down the road... I wanted to get to where I could practice things at home that I am learning at the shop (40miles away) hence the gasser as i can open up the garage door while its raining out side and bang away...... My problem is with the bottle regulator running at 12 pounds and the needle valve set to highest setting... I left a pieace of 1/4 inch in the forge for 10-15 minutes and it only got to bright yellow.... what the heck??!!! My mentor is a coal only guy and has never really used them in the means I am trying to... if any of you can kick me in the right direction i would appreciate it! Pete
  19. I could take some close ups for you i think you should be able to smith some of those parts up in the forge
  20. if we weren't on opposite sides of the country i would say let me know if you need any of the gearing and or brackets..... think i might make a nice coffee table set out of them
  21. thats in very nice shape Swamp Yankee! Here is my rebuild project i just finished on one. The blower housing and connection was pretty well rusted out... but with my pics may it would help you out.
  22. Here is my first leg vice and the stand i built for it. I filled the rim with concrete this weekend!
  23. Thanks frosty yeah it's a pretty good deal. I'm rehabilitating an old forge here at home it's from the 1800's the blower and firebox are no longer useful but I am still going to use the table as a platform for a forge. Trying to take pictures as I go along so I can post the project up here when I figure out where it would go