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  1. You mean you don't need big balls to test an anvil?
  2. This might be a stupid question, but I am new so I expect I will ask a few of those. Is there any optimal size ball bearing to use? Since I will need to find one at a hardware store, steel supply or someplace, I might as well get the right one.
  3. Library card? I think I had one of those somewhere in the distant past. Might be a good time to get another one and see what I've been missing.
  4. I saw this video on youtube where this young guy is making a knife out of a wrench. Interesting, but I also thought his home made anvil was pretty interesting as well. Not a lot of depth to the steel, but it apparently is doing an OK job for a beginner. I am hoping for something better, but it works for him. Anvil appears about 3:20 into the video.
  5. Oh, well, I always like shopping garage sales and flea markets anyway.
  6. Darn, just found 6 anvils within an hour of me on Craigslist. Most seem pretty expensive, at least $5.00/lb., even for one marked "CHINA".
  7. Thanks. I may just decide to buy a copy for my own reference as I go along. I get the feeling that anvils are one of those things where once you get one, you eventually get another.
  8. Never thought of Craigslist for stuff like this. I'll give it a try.
  9. Good information. I have a lot to learn, but I am excited to learn and get started.
  10. I never thought of forklift tines. I wonder if that kind of steel would also be decent to start out trying to forge simple knives, machetes, etc? I know a lot of guys use old leaf springs for that.
  11. So when you say percentage of rebound, I guess you mean that if I drop a ball bearing from 10" and it bounces back 5" that is 50% rebound?
  12. I guess I need to find a known "good" anvil with good bounce, try it out and learn to judge the bounce, then use that knowledge when I am buying an anvil. Only problem will be finding the right anvil to learn on.
  13. So i guess looking for a brand name is a key to getting something decent?