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  1. Charlotte brings up a good point about the tomatoes. They are supposed to be the worst for those pans. Ive made chili in mine over a fire but reseasoned it afterwards just in case. I eat plenty of metal off the grinder. Dont need it in my food too!
  2. Haha. U guys are too much. Fat and heat with no real cleaning. How could it possibly be beaten?
  3. Looks well done for sure. Nice job esp from coil. I have made much from tra torninolement coil springs And it is great hammer practice straightening them out. Good job
  4. Hey charlotte thanks for the compliments and the advice! you are absolutely correct. And the third person to say something.. I have since turned around the pans and whala, A two inch gap. All good !
  5. Thanks frosty! My little ones really put it in perspective. Hahah. The scrolls were resistant to moving. First time ive done them on the diamond. Fun learning experience. Finishing was done hot with a beeswax block, let set and then rubbed back off while still hot with a rag. I also brass brushed the twists lightly which doesnt show in these photos but looks nice in person the mounts came out well. Drilled out the hole for the upright, filed to fit. Pressed them on hot. And welded from the back. Much cleaner look than trying to clean up welds on the front.
  6. I saw a pot rack like this on google images and had to try it. B i cant remember the smiths name but i give him credit for the overall design. I added my little personal flares of course. And we have so much cabinet space now that the cookware is stored in plain sight! Learned a few things . Got to have my dad and bro strike for me on that big bar. It was kicking my butt with a small hammer! thanks for looking keith
  7. thanks for the replies guys. i would have replied earlier but via mobile it keeps telling me fatal error when i try to go to log in. So I think the overwhelming majority say more vs less power, and i can roll with that. i'm hoping the treadmill is at least 1.5, but i won't know that till sunday morning. looks like worse case i'll be running pulleys off of a "free" 5 hp motor. not a bad spot to be in. SJS I know all too well what you mean about the grinders being death traps. i have lost many a meat chucnk to angle grinders and belt sanders already i will figure out gaurds that make sense, but i must say must of my mishaps have been where the metal meet the abrasive. push just a little too hard, lean just a little too bit. yada yada. I won't be running a vfd because i am on a budget ($400), so im hoping the treadmill control board gives me the flexibility i need, and if not ill be changing steps on the wheels. With some steel on hand, and a free to me motor plus wire laying around, I should come in just under, including the idler wheels for the platten attchment and one contact wheel. thanks for all of the constructive thoughts gents!
  8. That motor is actually tefc. The 1.5 is not however. Hoping the treadmill one is. Wont know anything about that one till some demo occurs Sunday
  9. interesting thoughts on a hammer off that motor. Sure could use one sometimes. But the grinder at hand...... Ill wait on purchasing products as my sister inlaw said i can come get her treadmill this weekend just a couple hours ago. Cant wait to see what motor it has in it, and make some decisions from there. From the way treadmills work i would think i could keep the button panel and have a variable speed that plugs into 110. Double bonus if it works out. Hoping is is 2-3 hp which seems standard from what i have read
  10. Have you reduced the rpm's via pulley on that motor
  11. The only reason would be that i have that motor sitting on a broken air compressor in my shop, which means it would be free. The other free motor i have is a 3/4 1725 rpm. Anything else would have to be purchased
  12. doerr emersion electric t63bxbyf1133 5 horsepower. This is the motor
  13. I am planning a 2 x 72 and belt grinder I have on hand made 5 hp 3450 RPM motor. I plan to reduce the RPMs with a pulley system but have not seen anyone building with a five horse is that too much power or is that a doable thing? thanks in advance for answering my stupid question
  14. Thanks steve i was going for durable over hard for sure Frosty the overall length is 26 3/4 "