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  1. I might have the opportunity to purchase a benchtop mill but I have not found one for sale anywhere that will give me an idea of price so wanted to see if anyone knew about this one expectations are light work mostly in AL and mild steel for spacers etc and motorcycle stuff I do for fun
  2. I did a search for anvil stand and came up blank will look for stands next thanks
  3. Ok so with a clean hammer face it seems like the bounce comes back to almost the same height as the drop point, about 9" from a 10" height. I cleaned it up and she stopped by the house last night, I told her everything I had learned about the anvil and that is was prolly worth between 6-800 bucks in our area which was beyond my budget. So with that said I was going to bring it back to her place on the weekend. She really appreciated the information as knew I had a very keen interest in the Anvil. So she offered it to me for $400. I could not say no. Now I just have to devise a base f
  4. Here is a link to video of ring and rebound hard to tell but I was dropping the hammer not swinging it Ringadingding
  5. You are correct, I just use that as the Geographic land mark. I go to Cerro Gordo which is a privately owned town, the towns keeper has a large pile of junk that he allows me to scrounge through and the money I pay goes towards to continued upkeep of the town.
  6. That is precisely what I have in mind, the apron is going to be a Pita to make though
  7. Will do, I scour Death Valley for the raw materials I use in these kinds of sculptures. I go through trash heaps and such that have just been left behind in the desert for the pulley's and wheels I use for bases etc. Biggest project was a table I built using tractor wheels for the top and bottom with motorcycle transmission gears making up the legs.
  8. I am going to make her a minion, I make these to raise money for Animal rescue charities. There is one in the works for her now.
  9. I do a lot of fabrication and have always wanted an anvil for when I have to form steel or AL parts instead of using the one on back of my vise. I am not a smith by any means (Tig welder and fabricator) so this is prolly overkill for my needs but it was no nice could not pass it up. I believe it weights 150# and these things are stupid expensive in CA.
  10. Frosty thank you for the long explanation. I will try and video the process tonight when I do the bounce and corresponding ring tests. I will put a link up to the video for others to see and if they so want provide comment. I got this from a friend who's husband passed away and he was a blacksmith. If this is truly a valuable Anvil then I will return it to her and take the other one which is much smaller and has a damaged horn, as I can not afford a $1500 anvil at this time (saving up for the mill).
  11. Profile shows San Diego, do you see something else? Thanks for the information regardless, this one really stumped me. It does have a very nice ring, will check the bounce tonight when I get home.
  12. Pics of base still not other markings
  13. Will get pic of base it does have a hollow but lack of markings is what throws me off located on west cost
  14. I acquited an anvil today but it doesnt have any real markings there are just two marks on it
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