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    Blacksmithing as a whole, willing to make whatever I can imagine or learn to make

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  1. Sorry for the late reply but thank you very much. I will contact her ASAP I am already 1 week overdue on the first draft of this assignment...
  2. Thank you for the reply but I need to conduct an actual interview, that information is helpful, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I may have to make a few hour road trip...
  3. Hello my name is Liam. I'm a college student in Ontario, Canada. I was wondering if I could possibly interview one of the blacksmiths on this website for a school project. The project is to write a profile on a topic or person. Blacksmithing is what I chose. I was hoping to interview over Skype or something like that and just ask a few questions. Some of what you say to me back be quoted in my project and it is going to be posted to a Blog I am writing for my class. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to respond I really appreciate it. Have a good day.
  4. Zyphiza

    Another knife

    Knife from leaf spring i finished up the other day
  5. Zyphiza

    First complete hammer

    Made this last night out of axle steel, this album will also show case the improvements I made while making more.
  6. Zyphiza

    first try at damascus

    welded some chain together and this is the product
  7. Zyphiza

    Horse heads

  8. Zyphiza

    First actual knife

    Made from leaf spring
  9. Zyphiza

    first knife :)

    Is now sharpened and can shave lol.
  10. Zyphiza

    First knife

    My first knife
  11. Thank you for the info that sounds like a good game plan and the line is flush
  12. Got them from rt theyre amazing (: and yeah im considering rounding one and keeping one sharp ^-^ not sure mifht keeping them how they for now
  13. I couldnt tell you sadly i dont know about the floor i only moved here about a year ago but that could be the case
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