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  1. Arkham, they are not reliant on each other. Bruce normally sends you a newsletter once he has processed your application. You're probably in. Arkham, they are not reliant on each other. Bruce normally sends you a newsletter once he has processed your application. You're probably in. Go to the BAM webpage and join the yahoo group. That will allow you to communicate with everyone faster
  2. Got to forge for the first time today. Made a Letter opener out of 3/8th inch round stock
  3. Scrambler. If he cuts a hardie hole and into his block, he is decreasing his work space. Putting a radius on the edges will not really affect his work area and will allow him to us the edge of the anvil for offsets and other things
  4. I was recently given a Century Welder, this is an older model 110V Flux Core welder. It only has a High, Low, or off setting for Amperage and a High/Low setting for wire feed. I'm at work so can't take pictures right now but I will load some in the morning. My question is, is this a welder worth holding onto for now?
  5. You can make a stand alone hardy hole for a reasonable price.
  6. Crytin


    Arkham, are you going to the conference in May? There will be tailgating, auctions, and raffles. Lyle Wynn is one of the demonstrators.
  7. Mount the metal box somewhere away from the heat on your forge. Run a ground wire which is a green insulated wire to your blower and attach it to the metal casing via a screw
  8. I am an industrial electrician. So while familiar with electrical control circuits and their wiring, it's been awhile since I dealt with residential applications. IIRC, You will run into issues if you utilize a dimmer because the motor is not designed to work with the varying voltage which is how a dimmer works
  9. Wiring a switch is a fairly easy process. Simply connect the hot (black) coming from your power supply to one contact on the switch and connect the hot going to your blower to the other side. There are tons of books and videos showing you exactly how to do it. I would strongly recommend using a box to house your switch. And ground your box for safety.
  10. Grounding wires are simply there for safety reasons. Under normal circumstances, they are safe. A 3 pronged plug is designed for the purpose of grounding you machine. It might be worthwhile for you to stop by a hardware store and pick up about 10ft of 14/2 wire or utilize an old extension cord. It will also give you the advantage of not having to be RIGHT next to an outlet. This is all assuming you live in the U.S.
  11. Yes Lapys, When you wire this up, Wire the black and white up properly. And for the ground, there should be a grounding screw attached somewhere on the casing, If there isn't. Find a spot inside the casing that you can attach the wire securely
  12. Your air mixture sounds to be off. Typically with gas burners of any type, if your flames are yellow, you're getting too much gas in your fuel/air mixture. Make sure your air intake ports are appropriate for your mixer
  13. That looks awesome man. I hope to see you at the meeting
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