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  1. Beautifully crafted! thanks for the inspiration. I think I'll try my hand at a nice skinner next.
  2. Beautiful pattern and the dark contrast is nice on the maple. sent my son his first Dadmade knife last Christmas and the joy that came from it was the best in the world. I know it will be with him for a lifetime. Good job!!
  3. Thank you. now I need to get an elk into the freezer so I can fire up the furnace again.
  4. Another happy customer! letting a blade go is tough. Putting time and love into the build, learning every inch of steel and all of its nuances from tip to butt. Lovingly seeing it from raw materials to finished product. time to sink my teeth into the next project.
  5. The other side has my mark. I need a new stamp just have to build one or have one built.
  6. Finally finished it! Butt cap is pinned and tang is peened. Here's what I have learned on this project. Coarser grit and a better belt grinder will make for faster stock removal. Thanks to a farrier friend with a 36 grit wheel I was able to Finnish on time. Make sure its near sharp but not sharp. (Just a little blood) Follow your lines good file work saves Finnish time And most of all… Keep it fun Almost forgot adapt with the metal!
  7. I usually use renessaince wax on everything from tip to butt. Always a nice luster then. If it is going to a new home I use either beeswax and give them a small piece so they can clean and wax it themselves.
  8. Incredible, the attention to detail is unsurpassed. From tip to pommel it is apparent that this was built with a hyper-critical eye. Your father in law must be on the really really "nice" list and is quite lucky this Christmas, indeed!
  9. Cut a V notch in the tube, bend weld then grind to Finnish. Makes for a fast easy bend on square.
  10. Thanks, yeah I think it gives it the uniqueness of what it was and adds to what it is now.
  11. On the tail end of a commissioned piece for a buddy of mine. The file knife is a Save Edge farriers file with elk antler handle. Stock removal with extra tang added for the handle. both guard and butt cap from same piece. Blade 7" from tip to guard Handle 5.5" guard to pommel a little more Finnish work and it's to the fire for HT then 2 part epoxy and final peening of tang to secure butt cap. i made a mistake of rounding off the square end of the tang where the butt cap goes in order to just do one quick drill hole so I had to drill and pin the inside of
  12. It's a small vac with a Y valve like a irrigation ditch Y gate. I can open and close to give me minimal blow to heavier as needed. Was quick n easy and I didn't get in trouble for stealing my missus' blow dryer.
  13. That is exactly the information I was trying to pull out of my defunct gray matter. Thanks Mikey! i will be doing a couple mods on it and maybe I will finally set up my pan and light up some rocks. Have to fix my blower (modified shop vac.)
  14. Pops always said… "If you can't find it, buy it or steal it, build it!"
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