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  1. Added some touches to a common horseshoe type wine bottle holder..
  2. Thank you guys! The ends are flared out a bit! It's made of 14g sheetmetal
  3. candle holder for momma for Christmas! rose accent
  4. I totally agree with you guys it needs something! I really like the crown idea! Thanks for the ideas and compliments
  5. Hope all had a great weekend! Knocked out some riveted crosses for gifts this weekend! Ball peen finish! My first time ever trying to rivet! It's amazing the strength that single rivet has! I got my first forge fired up with all the research and help from this forum! Thank you hope you like! Open to criticism!!
  6. Thank you guys! All the finish was is a wire wheel while still hot! i really like that Jim!!
  7. Kyle Cox


    Hey fellas! First fredricks cross I made! Had to get kinda creative to get it to fit in my forge as I only have a coffeecan forge! Let me know what you guys think happy thanksgiving
  8. Awesome thank you frosty!!! Your the man! i am starting to turn a 20lb propane tank that was old into a forge .. I would like opinions on kaowool and a refractory!?
  9. Thank you frosty!! I stuck it into a hard makeshift brick forge here are some pics! I adjusted as you stated in a thread I read! Orange flames around 16" outside of mouth to a nice 6" or so dragon breathe ... I think a lot of the orange may be from the dirty fire brick! This is just a temp holster for the burner test! no choke and was a nice roar
  10. I'll grab a 10" here at work and try thank you rjs
  11. 6" without the collar extension
  12. Threw a .035 in just a sec ago... Still went out I took swede fiddle advise and threw it in my coffeecan and I could open the choke all the way!! I couldn't do long as my cement has yet to come in but it seems to be running much better in box
  13. I will give it a try thanks!! I may have a bad regulator I hook my weed burner up and it works awesome ... Large roar and intense flame
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