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  1. Thanks, Mitch! I think I will try drifting with this forge, although instead of cutting the slit with a chisel, I will probably drill a few holes in it and cut the slit with a hack saw. Then I will drift it out. I don't think I would be able to get it hot enough to cut the slit with a chisel in my current forge. I can't seem to find a steel 5-gallon bucket anywhere, but when I do, it won't be long before I have a new forge up and running! :)
  2. Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I've been busy and it's been hot here so I haven't been able to do much forging, but I got a little more done on the hawk. Benton, thanks for the link; if I decide to make anymore RR spike hawks or knives or whatever I will look into getting some of those tongs :) . Dan, thanks for the advice on heat treating; I will be sure to try that. Candid, I took your advice and switched over to a hammer & tongs; haven't had any more blisters since ;) . I took some pictures of my forge and anvil so you can see what I'm working with, as well as the hawk itself
  3. Thanks for the replies! What you said about the fish lips was right; I was just about to fix that when I noticed the blister on my hand :(. I'm hoping it will be gone by tomorrow so I can make some progress and post some more pictures :) !
  4. Cool looking knife! I never would have thought of making a 3D printed handle (mainly because I don't have a 3D printer :D).
  5. Well, it seems everyone here really likes pictures, so here are a few of what I got done today. I didn't get too much done because I got a nasty blister on my palm, but at least it's something :)
  6. Steve, I appreciate the advice, however I am sort of already set on doing this project and since it will likely be hanging on my wall or just used as a decoration, it doesn't really need to be able to hold an edge. I'm not trying to make anything functional; it's more of just something to do while I am out of school for the summer. Also, my inability to weld is not due to my lack of skill; I just can't get the metal hot enough in my tiny forge. I hope I'm not coming across as mad or offended or anything like that, I just know what I want to do and don't really feel like quitting now, that'
  7. I am building a two-burner gas forge, probably out of an empty propane tank or a 5-gallon steel bucket, lined with 2 inches of ceramic blanket coated with ITC-100 or similar refractory. I will probably buy my burners from Rex Price at Hybridburners.com. I have heard very good things about his burners.
  8. I currently am still using my first forge that I made a few years ago. It is made out of a 2 pound coffee can insulated with 1.5 inches of ceramic blanket. For a burner I am using a bernzomatic propane torch (I forget which model). It has worked fine for me up until now which is why I am making a new one. I am not home right now but when I am I will try to get a picture up.
  9. The RR spike is about the best usable piece of steel I have right now for a hawk, and since I can't weld, I was just looking for a way to give it a better edge. I probably won't use it a whole lot, and when I do use it I won't be super hard on it, so a good edge is not that important. Case hardening the blade was just an idea. When I get my forge done, I should be able to do a lot more. I have tried forge welding, but I can not get even very thin pieces nearly hot enough to weld. I get it to a bright orange color at best (I can barely get copper hot enough to make Mokume-gane).
  10. Thanks for the tips. I actually already watched the video by Evan and saw the thing on Anvilfire, but it's good to hear people recommending them as well :). I will probably not weld in a bit, mostly because I would have to wait until I finish making my new forge and I have no idea how long that will take. I'm hoping to get some progress done today (on the hawk). I will make sure to take pictures when it is done! Also, thanks for the link, Dan. I'm sure that will be of use to me later on! I was thinking about case hardening the hawk once it's done, since I can not weld in my current
  11. I have a railroad spike that I found a little while ago and after a little thought I finally decided to make a tomahawk out of it. This will be my first hawk and I thought someone here might have some tips/advice that would make it easier for me. Any pictures/advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks! P.S.- My current forge is pretty small, as is my anvil, and I do not own a power hammer, although I know someone who does if it is absolutely needed. Just some extra info :)
  12. Hickory and ash are both very good for handles and they aren't too expensive, either. Other woods such as osage or yew are good as well, but are expensive and hard to find a straight piece. Mulberry is closely related to osage, but it is cheaper and usually straighter. Elm would probably work well too. I personally prefer hickory, as I have had some trouble with ash breaking in the past.
  13. Nice little knife :) The handle goes really well with the blade pattern. I love damascus, but then again who doesn't? :D
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