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Found 11 results

  1. Just a head's up; this is a work-in-progress post that's pretty picture heavy. March 20th through 31st my girlfriend and I traveled to Cyprus on vacation... with additional ulterior motives. She was featured in a motion graphics and animation festival hosted at the European University Cyprus, shortlisted to the top of her category. She is also addicted to anthropology. I went there for inspiration on my next blade, and to get my hands on old iron and steel. We traveled the country visiting historical sites and landmarks. The Gladiator's house provided many inspiring mosaics. Sadly, museums lacked when it came to ancient weaponry, although often exhibited a wide range of styles due to the many forces that had occupied Cyprus over time (although I must admit I am spoiled by living in NYC a train ride from the Met). Occasionally we were able to visit the shops of fellow craftsmen. Everyone there is extremely friendly, and will serve you tea while telling you of their family. Got to visit a fellow blacksmith in Nicosia, wonderful gentleman that's seen his country go through many drastic changes. Oh, and there are cats everywhere... we love cats :3 I found a goodly lot of usable metal. The machete was found in the sub-basement of an antique-restorer's home, and has seen some serious use. The scythe was the least decrepit of what I could find in Nicosia. The pony and horse shoes look to be fairly old and used, with the nail still hanging onto the larger one. The prize find was an iron ring used to weigh large loads - still has Greek lettering on the surface. The door hinge (like the shoes and scythe) came from the dark corner of one or another antique store. One of the shops I visited was a woodworker that conveniently had recently taken down a 200-300 year old olive tree and had the perfect pieces of seasoned wood for me... for $12 I got three small blocks perfect for a knife handle each, and a huge chunk 9.5" x 12" x 2". I tried to explain to him how hard/expensive it would have been to get all of that back in America, but to them olive trees are all over and can be a hindrance. Lastly, I visited a leatherworker that sold me a piece of goat leather that stood out to me, and passed off some scraps with the fut still on I'm thinking of using for a detail on the sheath. I very much like his product and want to use it for my day job (product designer) creations too. Currently the metal is sitting in vinegar to strip some of the nasties away. Initially I wanted to forge a gladius or xiphos, but my personal preference towards Anglo-saxon skull-splitters let me to the kopis. I am thinking of patternwelding the machete with 15n20 and forge-welding the iron as the spine. The scythe and horseshoes could be used to forge a sister blade if the demand is there. The blade's tang will travel down through the pommel and become the horses' mane. The horse head and mosaic pattern will be 3D modeled to appear as if they are sculpted from tiles, then 3D printed in brass or bronze. The olive wood I picked up will obviously be used for the grip (with the Greek pattern embedded). Comments and critique welcomed, Theo
  2. Cable damascus with perpendicular tang slotted into caribou antler with 3D printed cast bronze medallion. I filled in the gaps of the cable with clear epoxy I mixed gunmetal-blue mica powder into - I always hated how those little gaps were a magnet for all that bad stuff. I made a bunch of these medallions, going to start throwing them on knives I don't want to filework my "N" onto.
  3. San mai blade of 1095 core, random pattern shell, and pure nickle shims. Bolster and butt cap are 3D printed cast copper, designed to sport a pigs head and squiggly tail. The cutting board and knife holder was made by Eugene Manigo, owner of Kambui Custom Craft in Brooklyn - both the board and handle are reclaimed walnut and teak with new purpleheart. This is the first completed knife using my friend and fellow knifemaker's, Jann Muchnikoph, 23 ton press; what a wonderful tool! Comments and critique always welcome, Theo
  4. Howdy all, I'm back with my newest 3D printed shenanigans. Blade is W2 and pure nickle twisted together, wrought iron spine - can you guess what fellow IFI member inspired the pattern? The frame is printed in plastic then lost-wax style cast in bronze. I designed it so the locking arm is built into the frame. The action is quite smooth, and the release pressure is just where I want it. Several flaws stand out to me about the fit n finish and the action could be tweaked. I am considering a more modern pin; I've had to repin several times to adjust the action. Obviously this is the prototype, so I would love to hear input/critique as I make improvements for a series. Theo
  5. This piece has a lot of firsts for me. I tried casting the pommel directly on to the base of the tang, and it worked wonderfully. The 3D printed medallions are an adaptation of the handle wrapped design I made a while ago. Nicholson file edge/core material with ancient wrought iron shell and pure nickle shims. Cyprian olive wood, synthetic counter material, and copper pin. I had never used the counter material before, and it ended up complimenting the other materials really well... although they are misaligned. The Nicholson file had a lot of great texture that showed up after acid etching. Plunge lines are a little fudged up. Here's a little video about the piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHwpEWB-a1Y&feature=youtu.be Comments and critique always appreciated.
  6. S30V with 3D printed cast bronze, CNCed dyed stabilized burl, and copper pins. It's been years since I've worked in stainless at all - I love forging too much - but this customer was adamant. The handle pattern is supposed to resemble paracord wrapping. I'm going to engrave his name on the blade, removing the oxidization where the text is.
  7. Here's another 3D printed piece with reforged file. Handle is black walnut. Jim Merola, a far more experienced knifemaker in NYC I have been hanging out with, gave some great feedback. I wasn't really digging my choice to use copper pins - he said he doesn't mind them, but would prefer no pins at all; the epoxy he (and now I) use will be a secure enough bond. I also like his suggestion of having the guard stick out a bit farther. He was not happy with my choice of wood... I really should be using something stabilized. He says in general my choice of handle materials don't match the quality of my work, and in some cases is a detriment to the value of the finished piece. Makes total sense, good advice. Anyways, it seems like in two months or so I'll be trying to launch a crowdfunding campaign to drive down the price of 3D printed components by purchasing a SLS 3D printer. This knife, the "Chassis" knife http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/42881-chassis-3d-printed-cast-bronze-liner-lock-with-w2-and-iron/ and the "Titan" knife (still under construction) will all be part of the campaign, so all critique is appreciated since it helps me better the design. Theo
  8. Howdy guys, It's been a while since I've posted - been busy at the new job. Had the opportunity to wrap up this puppy; W2 with hamon, cocobolo scales, 3D printed bronze guard and pommel, brass and copper fittings. I'm very happy with the results, although my fit n finish needs some more work; some bits still bother me, but I'm living with it. Experimenting with 3D printing has been a blast. I think this is probably my best application of it to knifemaking yet. Comments and critique appreciated, Theo
  9. Still putting the final touches, but she's 99% there. Another 50+ year old file, forged to shape, deferentially heat treated with APG-36 and Parks 50 quench, and a 3D printed high-density polymer handle that was designed to fit the tang like a glove. I was tempted to water quench but wasn't willing to risk it since I was already leaving the teeth on. Also included a pic of an acrylic knife display I made myself at my new job, designing for and operating lasercutters.
  10. Wrought Iron and 15n20 san mai with a 3D printed high density ABS plastic handle. I was a bit weary about the plastic (customer couldn't afford cast bronze or brass), but it's quite resilient... ask anyone that's stepped on a Lego. Only flaw is it's TOO white; every speck of dirt on your hands is drawn to it like a magnet. I combated this somewhat with several layers of aerosol lacquer. The plastic weighs nothing even though it's solid and the tang runs all the way through the handle. This project was a metric snotload of fun. It's based off my favorite monster, from my favorite video game... so sad it belongs to the customer. Maybe I'll reforge the blade and print the handle in bronze for myself, hehe
  11. So my day job is as a 3D computer animation artist, and at one of the places I freelance they had 3D printed several 3D models I created in Maya. It turned out so amazing I talked a customer into letting me print his commission's guard through Shapeways. https://www.shapeways.com/materials/steel?li=nav Read this link - it's astonishing that they can cast a 3D printed mold in brass, bronze, "steel", precious metals, and ABS plastic. The neatest part for me is the cavity in the pommel; no previous milling / fabrication technique could so this (that I know of). Pricing was cheaper than expected, about $240 total. Anyone can 3D model, I feel it can be easier than drawing at times. There are a ton of free modelling programs, I highly recommend playing around with one if anyone has free time. It's going on this three-sided dagger he commissioned, hence the square slot. I had left extra material on the tang just in case the scale was skewed (which it wasn't was sized perfectly), so it doesn't fit snugly yet. I think this is flat-out cool. I've been offering it as an option to all my potential customers. One thing I want to note is that it has a minuscule "woodgrain" from the printing technique... I'm pretty neutral on it because it offers a somewhat weathered look.
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