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  1. If your willing to send me a picture that would be great. I would much appreciate it, thanks.
  2. There's nothing wrong with it...she just took great joy in fru fruing up my anvil. Although that wasn't her first thought. I'm not mad by any stretch...she just made it kinda...girly. She's already talking about bedazzling her own anvil now. I guess there is a project in my future! :-)
  3. Yeah my wife is a knitter too. I know all about yarn bombing! :-)
  4. It's NOT an anvil koozieXXXXXXXXX t!!! I am going to be the laughing stock of the hammer in on Saturday.
  5. Alright here is a picture. She even put a collar on XXXXXXX thing in order to hold her metal down and keep it from moving. Watch the language
  6. My wife and I are very crafty folk. We both have lots of hobbies we do separately and together. Lately she has taken to working and stamping metal jewelry which is awesome. She decided she wanted to use my small portable anvil I made out of 4" trucking pin. Great. However...it was getting her dirty when she moved it so...she made a sweater for it! She couldn't have cleaned it or worn gloves...she made it a sweater!!!!!! This is kind of like when her and my daughter braided my horses mane. His mane didn't need to be braided just like my anvil doesn't need a sweater! I guess I am going to have to make her her own anvil so mine doesn't have a sweater and then she can bedazzle it and dress it and whatever else she wants to do with it. Love ya hon! :-) Cheers Les
  7. Thanks Jim. We have kind of a weird set up with SnapOn...because of the volume and price we buy these sockets in, we can't exchange them. At least that is what I am told. They are the black steel impact sockets and not chrome. I did se searching and saw some good ideas...I just didn't see much on steel type. I will also update my profile now thanks! Cheers! Les
  8. I have a bet with a guy at work that I can make something useful from our discarded Snap On sockets. I would prefer to make a small knife or such from it but I could always make a coat hook or something too. Anyone know what kind of steel I may be dealing with? I assume tool steel of some sort. They are pretty hard. Thoughts??? Cheers Les
  9. Lesvoo

    Would this work

    Thanks Dave...it will likely be a 5-6 gallon air tank or as large as a 10 gallon just depending on what we find. I figured it would work I was just looking for ideas , options or opinions. Thanks for your help! :-) Cheers! Les
  10. This is my first post after weeks of lurking...what great helpful folks on this site! I am looking to build a propane forge for my brother who is a farrier. Would a burner like this work to power an air tank sized forge? I already have one and it throws a lot of heat and it's free...or at least already purchased! :-). I would line it with kao wool and ITC1000 or something like it. Thoughts? I appreciate your help. https://www.flameengineering.com/products.php?category_id=5 Cheers! Les