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  1. So....I've been using a rail road tie/track? For an anvil. It got stolen recently (who steals 80 pounds of unsellable steel/iron?) Anyway... What is the best way to go about acquiring an actual anvil? and what should I look out for? I've seen a few on craigslist....but they are all 5-700 dollars and covered in rust and nothing was larger than 200. (Im fine with just having a 100-150lb anvil) The nice one was 144lbs and 1000 dollars. :/
  2. So would this chapter be covering Greeneville, TN/ Johnson city, TN? I fear I'm the only smith in my town. : /
  3. Either one is fine. I just want to know any tips if any.
  4. I'm sorry if this is somewhere else, but I am quite interested in the properties of platinum from a forging perspective... ( I know its ridiculously expensive. 13 kilos = 690k dollars. ) Anyone know anything?
  5. Thank you! : D While it most definitely isn't my first project, it is my first jewelry project. I cant even count how many railroad spikes I've ruined or transformed hahaha.
  6. Gor,that is very kind of you! I'll keep that in mind! :D I've never worked near another smith/with another one. This is all really exciting. I'll definitely be attempting some "light" forging this weekend. You guys have me all antsy to hammer some metal. Lol.
  7. Again, you guys rule. Saving the day. Haha. Oh I definitely will. I've had to start over from scratch since that tornado came through a few years ago... still don't have much built up....no permanent forge anymore. : / Just a tiny one made from a brake drum. So it might be awhile before I get anything even done. But thank you guys so much for the help and the encouragement! : D
  8. You guys are awesome, and I thank you very much. Got my tax returns back and will be going to the scrap yard and some local pawnshops hunting silver. : D I'm so excited to try out all of these tips. (Except the coins one...defacing U.S. currency is illegal.) What temperature do you guys recommend for the copper and silver? Do I attempt to hammer them at their critical temperatures or not? I've not worked much with non-ferrous metals.
  9. Well thanks for the suggestions.... but Im not clear on the spoon as a hammer part... I have a jewler's hammer... O.o Is that not sufficient?
  10. I've already been studying this for a few days, I just figured I would get some REAL smith's suggestions and answers. What finish do you recommend? I don't know any that are ok for human contact for long periods of time. : /
  11. I would like to know if (since I've never worked with silver and don't have access to it currently) how hard a silver ring is to make. My girlfriend likes the idea of me forging our rings. I may just make them from the steel/iron pieces I usually consider too small to use. Any suggestions or tips?
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