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  1. You should look for some clipper belting tools. The belt will stretch some over time with use. I like my belt to have little slack takes less peddle to get it started. but could be wrong in the way I set mine up.
  2. Metal bows where made I believe in the 40's
  3. Could just mount a set like this on a mechanical hammer. Gets away from some adjustments. There 6x10.
  4. looks like a chain making set. if the one long one has a dip at the end.
  5. thats what i needed to know im not working any thing that big so the 1" sounds like it would work better for me. Thanks for the help.
  6. Im trying to get some Information on adjusting the hammer part on a 250 hammer. Im guessing that the center of the hammer is the hole in it and that the spring rollers should be centered in that to the get die separation measurements. Im planing on using 1 1/4 as the distance for them . Once set is it safe to relax the springs tension to let the distance shrink or better to adjust the arm.
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