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  1. I am sharing with you the 2nd (last part) of our documentary movie "The Birth Of A Tool". It shows traditional timber framing chisel/slick making process. Thanks for watching. John
  2. Thank you all for watching and enjoying our way of working. We are few men in the Northern Eurppe (Baltic states) with will to keep our traditions and crafts alive. We are making traditional woodworking tools based on our heritage of craftsmanship in many generations and focusing on handcraft in a hi-tech age. Our web site with more info about us and the tools we make will be ready in a month. So you are all welcome to visit us there. All the best John & The Crew
  3. Wished to share with you a short documentary movie about our work. To understand more our way of thinking/philosophy - there is a quote: "It is a tragedy of the first magnitude that millions of people have ceased to use their hands as hands. Nature has bestowed upon us this great gift which is our hands. If the craze for machinery methods continues, it is highly likely that a time will come when we shall be so incapacitated and weak that we shall begin to curse ourselves for having forgotten the use of the living machines given to us by God." Mahathma Ghandi Thanks http://vimeo.com/37360333
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