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  1. Yes that is the only thing fastening the stairs to the main post. Do you see a problem?
  2. Yes that is one thing about these stairs not exactly user friendly when trying to carry large objects up them.
  3. Hello friends. There isn't a whole lot of blacksmithing in these but I did have to fire the forge up for the railing cap. This was the project for the summer. I can tell you that it was quite hot and I didn't think I was having very much fun. But the results were good. And the best thing is I actually made some money on a project for a change. Got tired of doing all for peanuts. Enjoy. And as always questions or comments are apreciated. Some assembly photos Final and some details View of customers back yard
  4. My smithy is in my garage. I find that the neighbors are more fascinated at what I am doing to be concerned about complaining. As was mentioned I work at only reasonable time of day. When I get home from work i only smith till 8:00 p.m.. I figure the little ones are being tucked in at this time so I quit. I do have a power hammer and once they got used to the sound they are ok with it. The first time they thought someone was shooting a gun! Then they were like oh its only Todd. LOL.
  5. One thing I might add. For the air valve a gate valve works better than a ball valve in this application.
  6. That's a nice lot of tools. I hope you got some of it. Where was this?
  7. Well this is just a note to warn everyone that with the heat be careful out there and listen to your body. I was working at the museum today and started getting weak knees and light headed. I recognized the signs and found a cool place. Remember work slow keep hydrated and find a cool spot to take a break.
  8. I will probably post some pics here on IFI. It is all cut and paste as the customer didn't want anything ornate. But it is still a large project for doing it in the garage. LOL

  9. Bless You! I tried to say more, but ran out of characters. Wow, a spiral staircase sounds serious. Will that be posted here on IFI as well? I wish you the best in your endeavor. Also, Thank You kindly in advance for the tutorial on t-Rex style burners! Sincerely, Robert

  10. I would be happy to do so. It will be a few weeks before i can get to that though. I am in the middle of building a spiral staircase. When I am through I can do that as I have a couple of burners to build anyway. Thanks for asking.

  11. Greetings tlreif. In the short thread titled "Burner question," you stated that you build your own t- Rex style burners. They seem to be highly efficient. Would you consider doing a tutorial about their construction? I desire to make such a burner. I don't wish to impose, and I know it is asking a lot, but I am certain that many on IFI would deeply appreciate your efforts too.

  12. Look up on the net Hi Temp Inc. They are out of Oregon or something.
  13. I agree with Phil. I use 2 layers in both of my forges and it works very well.
  14. Your flames look good. If I may ask is that going to be the burner placement as far as how deep into the forge? It has been my experience that you should raise the burners up quite a ways. The way they are positioned now it will be an oxygen rich environment being that close to the floor. And also will create cool spots. Sorry if you already know this.
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