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  1. DRoeder

    Gentleman's Hunter

    5160 Hunter. Heat colored double guard and aged collar. Stabilized spalted Birch wood handle.
  2. DRoeder

    Apples to Apples

    336 Layer, Random pattern Damascus Hunter for Eddie Farms in Grandview WA Heat colored fittings, with Apple themed engraving on both collar, and buttplate.
  3. DRoeder

    Eddie Farms

    Damascus investment piece for a local orchard owner.
  4. DRoeder


    This was the main project for the Spring 2016 I.N.B.A Hammer in Hosted in Finley WA.
  5. DRoeder

    Crusades Dagger

    9 7/8", 5160 blade. 15 1/4" O.A.L. Crusades Dagger. This is elegance at its finest !
  6. DRoeder

    Damascus and Ivory

    5 1/4" Damascus Hunter. 210 layer Damascus with fossilized walrus ivory, and Bog Oak. Damascus fittings. This was built as a take down knife.
  7. Well for myself it was 8 days of filming. All final contestants are 8 days. The first two removed happen within three days.
  8. I just found this thread. So to clarify to those watching... We as the contestants did the heat treating ourselves, on the show, during the taping, but even though the tempering process was not shown, J.Neilson did the tempering for everyone after hours. So, were they tempered, yes they were. Hope that answered the question.
  9. DRoeder

    Equestrian Hunter

    This was the last knife I made for the 2014 year. This is a special piece because it is the first that I made using a handle material that I have long thought of, and finally made. This is a natural material that I resin treated, and then stabilized. This piece has a 96 layer, random pattern Damascus blade, Heat colored 304 stainless fittings, and stabilized horse manure, or Pasturewood handle. Yes, I said horse manure.
  10. I love the Brut-De-Forge style knife. I have made a few of these over the years, and here is a recent one. Inspired by Joe Keeslar, this is a Brut-De-Forge, forged from a Nicholson farriers rasp. Blade length is 5 1/2" and is 10 1/2" O.A.L. The scales are Walnut and are inlayed with sterling silver. Bolsters are 304 Stainless.
  11. DRoeder

    Utility / Hunter

    Forged 5160 Utility. 4 1/2" blade, 9 1/2" overall length. This knife has stabilized Koa scales, and heat colored 304 stainless bolsters.
  12. DRoeder

    18 Years in Knifemaking

    September 2014 marked my 18th year in knifemaking. To celebrate I made something not from the normal. This is a Damascus "Steampunk" The handle has on both sides, fully functional gears. This was a great challenge, and super fun to make.
  13. DRoeder

    Utility Hunter

    4 5/8" Utility Hunter forged from 5160 carbon steel. The guard and collar are heat colored stainless. Handle material is stabilized Poplar wood. This is a knife for a client in Alaska.
  14. DRoeder


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