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Found 18 results

  1. DRoeder

    Crusades Dagger

    9 7/8", 5160 blade. 15 1/4" O.A.L. Crusades Dagger. This is elegance at its finest !
  2. DRoeder

    Damascus and Ivory

    5 1/4" Damascus Hunter. 210 layer Damascus with fossilized walrus ivory, and Bog Oak. Damascus fittings. This was built as a take down knife.
  3. Braveheart007

    DSC 0972

    Does anyone recognize this style of knife or the trough blade logo mark?

    © Dan Davis

  4. David Roeder

    Gentlemans Hunter

    Gentleman's Hunter by David Roeder. This is my first Journeyman Smith knife that I made after passing my testing. 4 1/4" 5160 blade, 416 Stainless guard, Stabilized exhibition grade Birdseye Maple handle. Heat colored file worked collar.
  5. 208 Layer random ladder pattern Damascus fighter. Damascus blade, guard, collar, and an inlay butt plate. Handle material is dyed and stabilized white tail deer antler. Blade : 208 Layer random Ladder pattern Damascus. 1095 & 15n20 6 1/8" long Handle material : Dyed and stabilized Whitetail deer antler.
  6. 5 1/8" Hand Forged 5160 Blade. Stainless guard, Amboina burl handle. This was made for a local client by his wife after he asked her if he could have one made. She shot down the idea, then contacted me to have it made. She is buying it for him for Christmas. Pretty sneaky !
  7. David Roeder

    5160 Utility Hunter

    Completed 11-12-2013 This is a basic 5160 carbon steel Utility Hunter that was made for a local client. Handle material is Cocobolo wood. Blade measures at 4 1/4"
  8. David Roeder

    Bog Oak Knife

    This is a 4 5/8" forged 5160 blade knife for a client in N.E. Ireland. The handle material is 4000-6000 Irish Bog Oak.
  9. This is the 4th knife of the 5 that I ma making for my upcoming ABS Journeyman Smith rating. This one is a Fighter style, with a 6 1/2" blade. O.A.L. is 11 1/2"
  10. From the album: Knives, and Blacksmithing

    This is a 425 Layer random Ladder & Raindrop pattern Damascus Bowie knife. I used Snakewood for the handle, and added a Mosaic pin and spacers for a nice contrast. Blade measures 11 3/4" and the over all length is 17 1/2" Completed Memorial Day, 2012
  11. This is my #2 of 5 knives for my Journeyman Smith examination test being taken January 2014. This knife is hand forged from 5160 carbon steel. Handle material is Cocobolo wood.
  12. 275 Layer random pattern Damascus. L-6 & 15n20 Cocobolo handle
  13. Finished on 5-5-2013 This is a Hunters set that I made. Blades are 3 1/2" long, both Skinner & Caping knife style. Leather carry case holds both blades and also a diamond sharpening stone.
  14. This is the knife that I will be using to take my American Blade smiths society Journeyman performance test on April 27,2013 The blade is 9 3/4" hand forged 5160. Handle material is G-10 Thanks for looking !
  15. From the album: Knives, and Blacksmithing

    May 2012. Amboyna Burl & Ebony handle. 1095 mixed with cable damascus blade.
  16. Forum user he asked me why my hammer has that form. I hope that you can see everything on movie
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