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  1. Hi, I found an old gimlet which I could use but it needs some edging. It isn't as sharp as it should be. But I have no clue how to do it so please help me. It looks like that:
  2. Very nice pictures ...Amazing building. I'm gonna build something similar :D
  3. Hi, I was just reading, and thinking and got a question. So I'm trying to make my "THE Forge Weld" and it hasn't happened yet. I burn simple Polish coal which is nice hot but very dirty. It has big flames and a lot of clinker, but in other cases it doen't matter. So the question is: Can charcoal make forge welding easier? I mean it's clean and hot as well as coal or coke. I can get some left over charcoal from the local baker. It isn't much but enough for some weld weekly. Thanks,
  4. ooh! Nice setup.. I'd like to Ctrl+C Ctrl+V for me. I like the contrast between black-brown and polished metal on your hammers and the anvil is so shining I wouldn't dare to touch with dirty hands. It must catch people's eyes.
  5. Here is the link without the smile: YouTube - blacksmith-homemade anvil and swage Hope this will help.
  6. Good job, very nice pieces They will surely work fine.
  7. Locky, that is a very detailed description of your firepot, I think the best I've ever seen. You must have had a lot of work with it. If I build a new forge I will surely make this firepot for it. Thank you very much!
  8. I'm not a competent, but I don't think it is wrought iron... If it brakes for you it brakes for the blacksmith in the past... It can be cast iron maybe... Try forging it at a higher temperature, and maybe it won't brake... I hope i've said something correct and useful. :)
  9. Pretty nice. I think I will make something similar... i can imagine a hanger in the same style. thanks
  10. That's fantastic! So lifelike... I can say this is art. thanks.
  11. Very nice, it looks sharp :)
  12. Cats like good blacksmith coal... :D
  13. Glenn: the firepot is 15x15cm and 5cm high. I made it in this design because I couldn't get good material for a normal firepot. ThomasPowers: Unfortunately it is not so easy to find a blacksmith who can take time off for me. I spent a week looking for a smith. I found one, a farrier and I could met him once in his workshop. Blacksmithing isn't his main job and I realized that he doesn't like teaching beginners. But I showed my forge to him and he said that it's good for me. Now I have heard about an artist blacksmith so I'm planning to visit and ask him to teach me. And now I have bigger problems with my skill than with my fire. But I'm on the way and if it is necessary I will rebuild my forge millions of times to make it better. And I will take photographs, of course. Frosty: If you have learned nearly everything from experience it must have been very hard. I'm doing it for 3 months but I think I could learn these 3 months' knowledge in 3 days with a master and good equipment. Sorry for the grammar I hope everything is clear.
  14. I would like to show my forge. It was built before I knew enough about forges and fire...unfortunately. But now it works pretty well. The fire gets air from everywhere and not from one hole so I think it is a bit wasteful and if it goes wrong I will rebuild the firepot.
  15. Ok. I have used borax a few times, and I think it worked, but this made me unsure for a minute. At the bottom of the page somebody chide borax, so I asked what is the situation. Now everything is clear.(I hope:))
  16. I see. Thank you. And if EZ-weld isn't available, can I use borax or should I buy flux from a welding shop?
  17. Hi, I have read, that "I prefer ez-weld" and " it is much better than borax", but actually what is ez-weld... or ez-welding? Is it a kind of flux or a welding method? I am also curious that is it better than forge weld with borax or not. Thanks in advance,
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  20. Very good videos! I think I will make some similar leaves in the future. Thank you!
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