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    Picked up blacksmithing when I realized making and designing the sculpture gave me more freedom.
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  1. it was a random thread i guess. When you've got an interview for a 30,000 sculpture in a nature reserve every little bit of knowledge is a weapon. thank you in particular ironrosefarms, the tone to that answer is probably the best answer I'll be able to give. I feel I need to clarify my position and hopefully spur on more debate. I am not a global warming or green cynic and I do not subscribe to the various conspiracy theories that poo poo global warming and man's place within it. However I do respect people's opinion even if the differ to mine. Unfortunately I find that the skills I practice within the visual arts (blacksmithing and metal fabrication) are not 'conveniently' carbon neutral. I do not take kindly to being nannyed/guilted into anything, but with this subject I have taken an educated decision to try the best I can to make my practice as green as possible. For example all my raw materials recycled and tend to be metal that is just left at my door (ie kitchen sinks cookers dishwashers etc) I achieved this by running several workshops locally and open studios showing how I recycle sinks etc into art. Since then I've never been short of materials. I realise this is not easy to practice for some fabricators/blacksmiths but it suits me well. As much as I can I source my consumables from second or unwanted sources ebay pick up only is a great resource for this. I have invested in solar panels and I plan to construct a windmill to generate a chunk of my electricity with my next paycheck. I am debating using bio diesel in my van. All these things as well as being green also make financial sense for my workshop I guess for any cynic to be turned this may be my strongest argument. I would love to hear everyones opinion?
  2. I just want to thank everyone who contributed to this thread it was a massive help. I'll post the essay on this thread at a later date thank you again. Eamonn
  3. Increasingly I'm finding my clients/buyers are asking about my carbon footprint (in the art world green is very cool at the minute) I can't find out the carbon footprint of my argon gas cylinders, or even the energy (KJ) needed to produce them. Can anyone help?
  4. auto darkening welding masks simply put are the cats eyes of welding gear it revolutionized my sculpture practice. I would back up what has been previously said get one that you can adjust its sensitivity and makes sure it fits comfortably.
  5. I've been using anthracite beans for a while now as it seems to be the best that my local coal suppliers can get. However its very ashy and it makes it very hard to achieve a good fire weld. I need blacksmiths coke as I am running some creative metal and blacksmithing workshops for beginners and I need to make it as easy as possible for the students.
  6. its mostly mig and a touch of work with the oxy-acetylene, I'll check out that link thanks
  7. my main tools are a small plasma cutter a 4.5 inch grinder and a mig....and of course hammer and chisels
  8. they were commissioned by mainly public bodies such as councils and the local arts council. thanks again folks
  9. they're made from old kitchen sinks & cookers, stuff that has been thrown away and has been rescued and reused
  10. thanks for that, I appreciate the effort. I'll look into it,