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  1. I really enjoyed this young mans video. This is what we need, more young men working with their hands instead of fingers and thumbs playing videos. When I was a kid we played outside no matter what the weather and had to be called to the house to come in. Now days you don't even see young kids playing outside. Video games have become the baby sitter of lazy parents and we will regreat it one day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NkKjdj9YIN4
  2. Sometime it is best to retreat to fight another day. I can see the bunch of us getting thrown under the buss on this but what are friends for.
  3. I think of it as every day is Saturday
  4. If it is for the office a table lamp or tall floor light would look great.
  5. I was the first one Mr. Jim answered the question to. I havee mine mounted to the work table and use it a lot. I like the way it rotates. Nice find. Ultra large vice grip.
  6. Great work from the other side of the pond. I also would be honored to call you a friend and welcome.
  7. WMH

    Show me your vise

    Here are two of my vises. I found the Wilton in a soon to be scrap bin.
  8. Glenn, you got an example?
  9. I considered that but I am 6'3" and it seems to work with my arm at my side bent at the elbow at 90deg. I have a friend that is learning to blacksmith along with me and it might be a little tall for him. I may put a sleeve in the pipe to make it adjustable to fit both of us. If my son usees it he is 6'6". Another great call.
  10. I didn't think about a swing arm. Great call. I will have to look into that.
  11. I just completed my forge. 26"x42" table with wheels to roll it outside when using. 1/2" plate to hold fire. Royal Western Chief blower mounted to one of the wife's old cast unbrella stand. No hood as I do all my forging out doors. let me know what I could do to make it better. Thanks Mark
  12. WMH

    Idenify this vise

    Thanks Jim. I thought it was a unique vise. I would like to see the drill press that goes with this vise. Mark
  13. WMH

    Idenify this vise

    I bought this vise for $50 just because I have never seen on and it swivels 360 deg. Markings on it say it was made by M&P Tool MFG. Co., Saginaw Mich. It works great but would like to know a little more history. Any help would be great. Thanks
  14. even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while