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  1. Go to your local welding supply store and buy some welders gauntlets. Should have lots of sizes, get some that are snug. They should bemade of just leather no insulation. It's what I wear all winter. Buckskin is nice but doesn't hold up well. Hang in there winter is almost over!
  2. I just heated it up yellow heat and quenched, no luck with the ring. I did try bang on some 1/2" and it does sing pretty good compared to what I used. So I guess like you guys said the thicker the better! The only reason I used smaller stock is because I was making this for my mom for a up coming camping trip and thought she would like something lighter. Thanks for every bodies input!
  3. Hello all, I made a dinner triangle tonight out of 1/4 inch mild steel. Kind of a silly question but it has no ring! Just wondering why, I let it air cool could that be why? Thanks
  4. Nait in edmonton has blacksmithing courses not sure how good they are, wcbg has meetings every month also. I've never been to either, would like to though. I also found this ad on kijiji http://www.kijiji.ca/v-power-tool/calgary/learn-blacksmithing-in-a-weekend-workshop/570985078?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true. Hope this info helps.
  5. Oh I was just wanting to make a billet and then forge a pendant by hand. Sounds like it may be a better idea just to buy some bronze stock then ?
  6. Hello all, I was wondering if someone could help me. I am wanting to make a pendant out of bronze. So my question is how could I make a small billet, with things from around the house or from the hardware store.
  7. Anyone have any input? If you look under the A in ENGLAND.
  8. Yes it looks to be double stamped it kind of looks 3d haha. It does Definatly say Peter its easier to see in person. Also I am thinking it might have the solid wrought iron stamp on it under ENGLAND. But it's just not clear enough.
  9. Hello all I bought a new to me pw 103lb(0-3-19), and was looking at the stamp. It looks really bad like it was done too cold or not hard enough. I'm posting because most of the pw anvils have a nice clear stamp, just find it kind of weird. Thought I would share! Crap I'm on my I phone and can't figure out how to attach pic. I will ad when I get to my pc sorry.
  10. Found the post, it pretty much answered the question, thanks again
  11. Thanks guys, I guess ill make one and give it a try.How wide should the slitter be do you think?
  12. No just a round punch I made. So use a wedge shaped slitter first?
  13. Hello all, iv been having a problem drifting a spike to fit a handle. I start off with a drift made out out 5/8 sucker rod, but when it starts to open up to around the 5/8 mark the metal on the outside of the eye always splits or cracks. I tried it 3 times last night with the same result. Anybody have any suggestions?
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