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  1. http://www.viseparts.com/Columbian_M2_s/32.htm I'm waiting to stumble upon a Columbian nut for 1"-3.5 tpi.
  2. Thanks. Spun in my lathe under a flap disc. Moves metal quickly and I'm use to it now. Did this today.
  3. After looking at the 12th hammer post all I can say is I got something to shoot for...
  4. poppaclutch

    diy vise

    Here's a size reference picture. 12.125" tall. Made of 1/2" hot rolled bar and plate. Thread is 1/2"-13 and came on the wing bolt. Tried garage door opener thread stock... (5/8 ths?) too big. Perfect thread is in one of my favorite "C" clamps so I am looking for another C clamp so I can build another vise. Not really for pounding on but sanding and filing. Spring was made of 1/2" stock from a coil spring.
  5. poppaclutch

    diy vise

    Here's a small vise I made. First image is stuff I was dragging out to make a belt grinder with a 7" wheel off a pallet jack. Second pic is a close up of the vise. Third is how far I got on the belt grinder,today.
  6. I know it's pitiful. Larger build is in the works.
  7. This is my first attempt a building a power have with the stuff I had laying around. Hope the picture shows up.
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