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  1. copper portion of skull is 5 inches
  2. One of the new pieces going to this First Friday Art Trail.
  3. Nice rose. Stem is too thin. Twist up your own 'Bob War' out of some solid copper wire.
  4. It doesn't... I was just after some mass. Thanks fatfudd, for the pics, now I know which way to go!
  5. What size cap is that? Looks pretty nice...
  6. Ooooooo k. See if i have a 16 lb. pipe cap. Thanks
  7. I was thinking about affixing a stake to a shot put for use in my hardie hole. I was going to accomplish this via a lead lag with the bolt welded to the stake then screwed into the (here goes the good part) cement and lead filled iron ball . I have used 12 and 16 lb. shot puts with 14ga. hot rolled with some success. And hammers weighing less than two lbs.? Also used a shot put with the same ga. material in a 12 ton press. Now that I think back... that probably wasn't too bright... even tho I didn't lean on it. Do any of you have an opinion as to the suitability of a shot put as a forming tool? Thanks, Rick
  8. Hummmmm. Got plenty to think about now. I like the idea about the boiler and lots of brass, but I think I've got it sold so it's just gonna have to go like that. Didn't really intend to go full blown steampunk, even tho that seems to be what lots of folks are into. "It should be standing on polished wood floor in a fine old Victorian parlor." (Yeah... me too!) Thanks for all the kind words, Rick
  9. Wall clock I did them modified to pedestal version Thanks, Rick off site link removed
  10. Both are great. Seems like I've seen your stuff, elsewhere, on the net?
  11. Off a piece of equipment like a backhoe or something.
  12. Made another one today, this time out of 14 ga. hot rolled. Accuracy and stick-ablilty is much improved. Hopefully I have these out of my system now and can get back to business.
  13. Don't make these outta 9 ga. cold rolled... it's too thick. Don't make these outta 9 ga. cold rolled... it's too soft. Don't put these between you and your belt grinder... or even mess with them on your belt grinder. Right? Other wise... have fun.
  14. Throwing knives. Easy as 1 2 3, well nearly.
  15. Well, I've been wanting to try making some micarta.... And thanks for the tip on the radius.
  16. I wonder what the balance on a bolo machete with dropped handle would be like? Looks awkward.
  17. Here's how it turned out with improvised drive carriage and tread mill motor. Replaced the stock chuck with a 3 jaw reversible one and also have a 6" 4 jaw skinner that's marked South Bend Lathe Works. Went with a new serpentine belt to avoid the sewing and glue. No complaints so far.
  18. Roughed out second attempt at a Machete. Same material as first... 3/8th inch thick sweep. Looks like this one is going to be a lot longer. Don't know how I will do the handle but thinking about aluminum. Also including a pic of some other knives. Thanks for viewing, Rick
  19. That stump is two 2" circles of steel for a combined weight of 95 lbs. The total stand weighs (guessing) 350. Anvil is 97. Even though the tang ( of the machete) is an inch wide and goes 3.5" into the rebar and is welded with great penetration (for a mig welder), I will be hanging the thing on the wall.... if I can find a spot. Timing chain is useful for lots of things. Not only do I heed safety warnings from the Knowledgeable here, but I really enjoy this forum and have learned a great deal from all the years of lurking. Thanks to all, Rick
  20. How do you do the penny welding? I have thin sheets of flashing. Sounds like a cool effect.... like to try it.
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