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  1. :lol: :lol: see what I get for trying to bridge the Gamer world & the Real world :rolleyes: you guys are a hoot
  2. went back fore the wall sconce The floor lamp feet do need some reel world adjustment , at first I thought that it was due to camera angle but they really are that narrow
  3. for any one interested in the whole set. floor lamp & chandelier there is also a wall sconce version but I forgot to get a screen shot
  4. First Knife in a long time. Saw blade steel, White tail antler handle, Brass pins. still kneed to back fill the mounting holes with resin
  5. My old "anvil" on its new base. Hope to find a real one soon
  6. The table & fire-pot folds down to end up parallel with the back of the hand truck. closer sketch of stored configuration
  7. starting to come together. sip-tied mock up, disk blade for a fire-pot
  8. started as a bracelet ended as a wall hanger
  9. Sadly Discovery thinks they half to inject Drama through editing & arguing jest like all there "realty " shows they are making some nice blades though
  10. Roaming around you tube I found this delightful vid on katana making. 10 min in it shows him heating up what looks like a block of rosin and using it as a clamping device for both reposy & carving on small bits Anyone have more specifics on this method?
  11. Good point on the melting wheels. This is more of a thought experiment at this point, No real plans to fallow through on construction yet.
  12. So i was brain storming on a small mobile forging setup.The standard advice for moving an anvil around is a hand truck so why not put the forge on it to. Pardon the rough sketch, the idea was alittle above my cad skill lvl.
  13. I say it all the time on towers (One of these days All this "safety" is guna get me killed )
  14. wow up draft driven spits who knew