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  1. It did say "high pressure"not sure if it was high volume, I think it said something about fish cookers and bbq grills. So if I read this right I am looking for a high pressure high volume Propane regulator, and I possibly can run 6 t-burners of the 3/4" type? I do want a regulator with a gauge,,, or I say I do. I see where your regulator has a port for a, gaugehttps://propanewarehouse.com/shop/propane-regulators/adjustable-propane-regulator-1-30-psi/ Thank you for the info.
  2. Hey Frosty , How many of your 3/4" T burners can you put on One Propane regulator, a regulator with 1/4" ports like this one.
  3. Tim ,,,, I have been studing the youtube vid you posted for sometime . When I was a younger man I asked my grandad how to put up a fence he told me you are a smart lad just get started and every idiot in town will come by and tell you how you did it wrong and in the end you will have a fence they will have an opinion ,,, see which will hold livestock better.
  4. I still want to try a oil burning forge. For over 20 years that i served the military has used oil burning heaters and the14 years I was the maintence tech on fuel oil heaters for water at Excello in Americus ga we used oil with very little or no problems for the exception of an untrained members not keeping the filters changed or trying to use the blowers to warm lunch ,,,, funny how a soup can will pop if yiu dont put a small hole in it....
  5. Hey Mark, Are you still using your oil forge ? If so is it working like you wanted it to , if not what was the problems you found?
  6. I found these this fall while cutting an old man yard in western ga close to the ft benning area
  7. Allen Gaskill


    I Love how you can see the fuller marks
  8. I have some my self and was wondering if they had any use
  9. I like the ping pong ball idea.
  10. I will try to drag Ronnie Lee and myself to the July meeting.........Allen Phenix City.
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