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  1. Bigred1o1 not gonna lie, I'm pretty jealous of that bottle jack. Many times would it have been nice to have one like that.
  2. That's what I would try first is that 'resistance' bolt. It's the easiest thing to check and work on with out tearing it down to the gear end. Grant it tearing it down to the gear end is real straight forward, I'd still check that bolt first.
  3. I'm pretty jealous of that blower stand actually, I have a champion blower like yours (except you scored the stand that goes with it.) Mine was extremely hard to turn, however I found that the shaft the fan blades are on, follow the shaft to the gear end and there's a nut and bolt. The way I understand it is you can set how much resistance is applied to the shaft. The more resistance the harder she is to turn.
  4. It's cast of some sort you can see a seam on the horn.
  5. Now that you've got that vise I'll take that post vise in the background off your hands. :)
  6. I've tried to search and maybe I just got lazy and couldn't find it. I've got a buddy that wants me to try to make a tomahawk for him and I was curious on what steel to use for the cutting edge? I know there's a bunch of different high carbon steels, my question is what kind of hc steel do you use and what are it's pros and cons?
  7. I've noticed cold rolled is more brittle then hot rolled. Also cold rolled has a much higher tensile strength then hot rolled. So whenever I make something with bends or I'm working the metal real thin I use hot from all of my trial and errors.
  8. sing_j_

    anvil 5

    Great Grandfathers Anvil. Peter Wright 201 lbs.
  9. http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/38009-anvil-5/ My Great Grandfathers Peter Wright 201 lbs anvil. Also found out my Grandma is giving me her dads anvil from their homestead. Score!!!!!
  10. This was the first book I ever read for blacksmithing. A old farrier and very dear friend of mine, got it new when it first came out. He and I were talking and I told him I'd be nice if I could get ahold of a book about blacksmithing. He gave me his original copy of this book. It's a wonderful book and touches in depth in very aspect of that you can smithing for.
  11. I had one burst last night and it was a little guy. I think I was just using to much water to often, I'll certainly try putting a hole in the fire to let the gas escape, and letting the blower to push enough air worked great last night. The flip lid and moving the piping for the air flow will be done when I build a new forge, and until then I'm gonna run this forge till she can't run no more.
  12. Thanks big time you guys! Mine weren't shotgun loud but they were getting there. I'll take your suggestions and use them tonight. Thanks again!
  13. How do I prevent this? Or do I get over it and just work with it?
  14. So the past two nights I've been smithing and it's been great. Expect for one thing, randomly, usually when my blower is off, there's a large burst sometimes small poof out of nowhere. It's never the same expect that it does it while my blower is off, I'm slightly concerned on why it's doing this, and how do I stop it from doing it. It'll scatter my coal across my fire pot or nothing will happen. If anybody knows what causes this and how to stop it that'd be very helpful.
  15. Wroughton, I wish we still had some of are old rigs, when my great grandfather drilled everything was steam powered and had to be pulled by oxen to the location. What a piece of machinery that would have been. Are scrap pile isn't that impressive we scrap quite a bit of stuff, and the vast amount of tools we have is what I drool over. We still have my great grandfathers two man crosscut saw. Comical cutter heads? Do you mean drill bits? Cause we've got a lot of those I think the biggest one we have is 23 inches. Yeah I've got it bad with the snowies and the lil snowies, belts, lil belts, Judiths, and moccasins. It's just terrible. I don't know what mountain ranges are around you, the Rockies obviously. And I'm glad to hear you wouldn't have a problem putting me to work. I'm a big guy and I haven't helped one person yet that has a hard time putting me to work.
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